Every guy needs a mentor


A lot of things in this life you can learn yourself, I think, almost all. And why are you a mentor? Controversial issue, controversial topic. No matter how hard a man you are, it is impossible in every situation to know what to do. Mentor — the person who needs to young people, which will help to make your life vector, will serve as an example. It’s not even always relative, often people older than you, whose authority is unconditional for you.

Why you need a mentor

There are some life lessons and wisdom that man can only pass another person. So it makes sense to find an older man who will help to Orient in life, while you yourself still do not fully understand what was happening.

Unfortunately, our generation of men grew up without such mentors. Only the lazy did not write about how bad the boy to grow up without a father. And even if the child has a parent example, is good, but this is not enough: in the life of one guy can be even several mentors. Men, like people do, these days feel isolated, not included in public communication and relations, due to which our ancestors taught their children the art of being a husband. Without a proper example, young men often feel lost. Studies have shown that the lack of male role model in a boy’s life increases the likelihood that he will do poorly in school and even violate the law. The lack of a strong hand in education can affect the individual and many other less obvious ways.

In addition, a mentor helps a guy navigate life, it can expand its understanding of what it means to be a man. We all have different experiences, different views on life, different philosophical warehouses. All fell due to various failures, and they all loved different achievements, all learned unique lessons of wisdom. That is why different people will help you to see different angles of view on different things, inspire you, soothe you in sorrow and will help you to be better.

4 types of mentors that should be every man

Senior friend

This man will teach you wisdom and help you to find your place in the world. No matter you’re 15 or 40, you have to have such a friend. Compare the way you look at life and how you saw her just five years ago. A lot has changed, isn’t it? Now imagine how you will perceive life through a couple of decades. The older second there is one valuable thing that you have no life experience. And, as a rule, those who are older, loves to share them. To find a friend, talk to someone in a public place, talk to a neighbor and parent friends. Often from a casual acquaintance grows a strong friendship. And Yes, no need to look for my grandfather: if you’re 20, 40-year-old friend will be your perfect mentor.

Mentor for work

Learning a new job can be very nervous. Even if you already more or less her was involved, still you can have trouble understanding office politics, or the way to promotion. It is therefore important to find a professional mentor. Find at work the guy who already works for a short time in the organization and occupies a position which you would like to achieve after some time. A professional mentor can honestly tell you, as you work to warn you about what not to do, to help make useful connections and advise you on how to get promoted, and will find for you a good word. Perhaps the most important in this relationship, a professional mentor is someone you can trust, it will turn into a true friend, to whom you can go when you have a bad day and you need support. He will listen to you and point you in the right direction.

Spiritual mentor

Spirituality is a journey in life with many UPS and downs. This is a lost road where you need to go alone. Every man needs a spiritual mentor to help him pass this way. The spiritual mentor should be a person true to his ideals — it needs to inspire you to be better and to strengthen your faith. It’s not the person who will solve your doubts is the one who will help you to overcome them. With him you can discuss what you care about and expand through these conversations your horizons. A spiritual mentor helps you take responsibility when you aspire to avoid it. Is the one who will help you to see from a spiritual point of view on things you see as difficulties and obstacles.

Intellectual mentor

You need a smart coach. It will be for you a valuable source of knowledge when you get education. He will advise you literature and your future learning will help you broaden your horizons. An intellectual mentor can help you in writing research papers. It is valuable not only during the study: you will study for as long as you’re alive. Find your intellectual mentor to deepen and broaden their knowledge and improve their mental abilities.

Be a mentor

Other people, like you yourself need a mentor. No one in need of learning the art of being a man, as boys and young men who are trying to understand how to become a worthy man. Everyone once in life has to play a mentoring role. Here are a few things you need to do:

Be a pioneer. Usually in children’s recreation is the set of all those who want to be counselors. It is an unforgettable experience! Your example is really can change someone’s life.

Or «big brother». Many grow up not seeing a positive example in the face of his father or brother. Be the man these boys will be who they are with warmth will remember when they grow up.

Meet the friends of your son. Many children avoid contact with adults, but I remember that it was interesting for me to communicate with friends of my parents. Some friends of his father I thought were my friends too. We do not suggest you to be annoying dad who always revolves around their children, but still need to know who he is talking to your son. You have to understand, when they should be left alone and when to join them and talk. Can take my son and his friends somewhere in the nature, fishing or hunting.

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