Everlasting, the notebook, dude.

Dude, maybe you have a habit, it is important to write in a notebook? But eventually you meet a very unpleasant thing: the letters, a lot of information need be lost, and the number of sheets is steadily decreasing, it has to start a new book and old ones put to gather dust on the shelf.

But smart people came up with the immortal notebook, which will maintain any nonsense, which recorded its hapless host, he had only to press the desired button. Called the new NoteSlate.

Visually, the device resembles a Ouija Board without leaves, this similarity is terribly proud of the creators. The dimensions of the model— 210*310*6 millimeters, and weighs only 280 grams. The novelty will make the paper technology, and will not spend more paper of the ordinary.

With a pen-stylus, you can write in the e-book everything your heart desires, especially the novelty will be pleasant to students: you do not spend money on notebooks, and write on a magic Ouija Board.

Recorded, you can print, upload to the Internet via Wi-Fi or reset via mini-USB.

The gadget can operate without recharging — 180 hours. The screen resolution — 750*1080 pixels, however, the display is monochrome, but it does not matter!

Student, save money, save on notebooks.


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