Eton pristenok: a game in which the score once in 100 years

manygoodtips.com_15.06.2015_Y97uGqsmg1yvKYes, we watched the recent performance of our team in the qualifying match of the European championship on football and all of a sudden decided to write about football, but about something else.

The game, which we will tell you and breaks our minds. The name of this sport – «Eton pristenok». The game is reminiscent of both the football and Rugby. There is a lot of force, and indeed, it is calculated more on brute force than tactics and mind.

This sport is much older than football and originates in the distant 1717. Henry VI – founder of the Eton College, which later originated the game. Actually, in the walls of this institution basically and competitions.

Traditionally, a team consists of two student groups «Collegers» and «Oppidans». The first group is considered privileged, and sometimes they are called «Royal scholars»; a second guys – it is the rest of the composition at Eton College. But in our century, the differences are almost not noticeable, and privileges gone.

Generally very strange, when one tradition go, but others remain, and through three hundred years.

manygoodtips.com_15.06.2015_f9LnnYCrvUinnBasic rules:

The judge does not intervene in the game with a few exceptions (injury, gross violation of the rules) and replace everything the same only because of an injury. The team consists of 10 people, and one half has 30 minutes. All in the game two halves.

What’s the point? The game is really designed for strength and endurance. There is a high brick wall, your job is to move the ball along the wall to the area of the opponent, which is called «chalk». When you’ve got «chalk», it is necessary to raise the ball and your team to touch the ball with your hand and say, «There!» Even such efforts are not estimated at more than 1 point because the covering is not considered. Just the usual attempt. To score a goal and get 9 points for you in addition to the above, you need to score a goal in the makeshift gate, at Eton they have one side wall doors to the garden, with another couple of trees. You can get 5 points if you score a goal «from the game», not passing a hell of a fight. But it’s not easy. Instead of the stands, the audience actually use the wall, all the team’s runs right beneath their feet.

The first ball is in the center of the wall, and the distance to both areas, «chalk» is 50 metres away. And can entertainment this game is largely lacking, however it still can be considered very steep, and try to make it worth it. She may be deprived of all kinds of tactical tricks, but it is in such a little primitive games, demonstrates the power of the male character. to say that the players get a lot of abrasions and cuts due to the fact that constant contact with the wall? For this reason, the game is traditionally male, though it do and women’s teams. The last goal scored in an official match took place on 30 November 1909 in informal last goal was scored in October 2005. Although how do you keep track of all informal matches? In any case, one thing is clear: this game is not for wimps.

While watching some video, we begin to feel that rules of the game are absent, but students are definitely not bored.

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