Eternal winter: what’s wrong with the return to winter time

manygoodtips.com_21.10.2014_N2ahhsMxFYUOsOn 15 April the state Duma for a week postponed consideration of the bill to transfer the arrows back. The deputies hesitate because of the uncertainty on reorganisation time zones — a truly Napoleonic plans. While the media persistently prove to us favor the winter time, to agree with them, we are not in a hurry.


Translation arrows — a controversial topic, and then attracts the attention of the leaders of the country, since 1981. It was then the USSR for the first time moved to summer time. Since then, every six months, the country together rewinding the clock here and there, trying to drown out uncomfortable thoughts about saving energy.

In 2011 then-President Dmitry Medvedev, put this savings into question. It turned out that it is only 0.2% — a trifle, and say no. The inconvenience of adapting to the new regime, were incompatible with the economic use, and transfer of the shooter has been canceled. In February 2011, the Russians in recent times has switched to daylight saving time and breathed a sigh of relief: it seems, that’s all.

«No, not at all!» — said the Chairman of the health Committee and part-time member of the liberal democratic party Sergei Kalashnikov suggested that once again the transfer time. Now it once and for all back on an hour ago and from that moment on to live in permanent winter time. But that’s not all.

In addition to the transfer of the shooter is scheduled to return to the country time zone «Moscow + 1», abolished in 2010. In addition, Russia entered Crimea — it is also necessary to decide something.

Eternal winter vs eternal summer

Favor of the transition to winter time again motivate energy savings and health of the citizens. It is about that time in the morning’s late dawn, people Wake up in the dark longer come to life and basically feel depressed. Another argument: to date, the set time differs from astronomical on two hours, and the return of winter time will reduce the difference by one hour. What are the benefits of reducing this difference, except satisfaction from the fact of formal correspondence, astronomical time? To Wake up we will become before dark, and ride in the dark — wouldn’t that be to oppress?

Yet another argument. Last year, the League of patients filed a Supreme court claim for cancellation of perpetual summer time. In their view, it violates the right to life, leisure and health. The position is arguable and far from objective — that’s probably why the claim was rejected.

However, consensus about the dangers of the winter time for there is no health. Many doctors agree that main thing is not to translate the time every six months. It is known that after each transition from winter time to summer time and Vice versa increases the risk of heart attacks, strokes and suicide. Even banal disorder regime has a negative impact on quality of life: with the transition to the new time people are forced to re-build a routine and get used to it.

Why not?

It is believed that a one-time transition to winter time are beneficial for energy companies. With this hypothesis need to be careful, because it has no evidence, and allegations of corruption is very serious. Energy companies could theoretically lobby for the bill on transition to winter time to get a direct benefit. What is it?

In the daytime needs of the average person in power is small. In the morning students and working citizens are going to gain energy for making Breakfast and lighting, and leave the house. Another thing — the energy consumption after returning home.

In the bright evening people are more likely to do what you do not need to turn on the light: go for a walk, read or chat. If they return home before dawn, energy consumption will increase significantly. For any classes they will need artificial lighting, they are more likely to include household appliances, and at the end of the month, their electric bill will increase significantly.

The use of light in the morning can also be questioned: it is to balance the early onset of darkness. Quite a controversial question, which is better — the dark at seven in the morning or at seven in the evening.

We were not asked, but we still spoke. The idea of transition to winter time we don’t like. We don’t want to pay more for light. With usedona larger pleasure we went for a walk through the sunlit streets. And you?

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