Eternal questions, which it is indecent to ask


Many complain about the question «how are you?». It is devoid of justification, many are confused by emptiness, and for some, like interference in personal life. But on the other hand, when you shook hands with the man and stopped, looking each other in the eye, it is necessary to say something, then I’ll go to talk about their impressions from listening to «Electrophoresis», and share links to a YouTube channel where squeezing the pimples.

Trust me, there are issues much more disgusting, annoying and pointless. They are ugly, like the pimples on the ass of a porn actress. Now you’ll think about it.

Who is to blame?

One of the two eternal questions to which the answer, from the time of Herzen everyone is looking for and can not find. Who is to blame? Policy-bloodsuckers? Ideration? But what is to blame? That you are bad, or that we can not achieve the desired? So my dear, you brought this on yourself, stop looking for scapegoats.

Believe in God?

Question improper, but very interesting. I wonder what will tell you the man will explain that he is an atheist wearing a cross. Especially fun to listen to their thoughts about God from people who know nothing on the subject, but, nevertheless, with a serious mien teach and tell.

In fact, faith is an intimate thing, and to ask such questions as meaningless as interested in penis size. The question of God always brings discomfort is consistent, because the rare person formed his final attitude to Yahweh, Allah, or whom he believes is there, and then you have to tell us why you kind of believe, and sort of don’t believe it’s hard, you have to find the words to properly understand. In addition, the company with great success discreditied religion. Actions, statements, behavior and actions of priests and believers confuse even those who even began to believe. In religion, as in football, nothing brings as fans.

And you fucked her?


And all you women that say Hello, prick with meat worm? What kind of idiocy, began with someone to communicate, wrote a colleague on business, drove the familiar friends, because she’s on the road — and then your friends start to question why, or not. And if not, why not? Because you’re a man, and not those little dogs that RUB bellies all cute and not very. Still, you have a girl that suits you so that there is no desire to engage in sexual intercourse with a passerby there. Besides, it is stupid and terrible, what on it to climb? For your personal counter? That was something to brag about?

And another important reason, if you fuck everything that moves, then after a while it will make you, in a crowded small room with bars on the Windows.

You’re one of the nation?

In this formulation, «what is a nation?», not «what is your nationality»? namely, the nation. The problem of men with crooked noses, hairy eyebrows, and a little more dark skin. If the appearance is suspicious, if the image is not passed Russification, so you need to ask.

But first, the nationality of all citizens of the Russian Federation, one — Russian. I live in Russia, speak Russian, and consider myself a citizen of the country — means Russian. After all, we call the French are French, even if yesterday they were swimming on an inflatable mattress from Rabat to Marseille. But with regard to ethnic origin, it does not concern you. We are close, we are good friends, you inspire confidence? Neither one nor the other, nor the third, so suffer in conjectures, cock. And correct to say «ethnic».

How much you get?

This question provokes the counter-interest. Here you exchanged information, and then what? And then disappointment because, most likely, one of you gets bigger, and that may well be undeserved.

Again, fine to ask such questions of people close and familiar, but with unfamiliar are not clear. For what purpose are interested? Having a poll? Want to assert themselves and show off their 25,000 rubles? They say, look how great I am, himself contain. And some have nothing to boast, and that raises uncomfortable situation. Anyway, very bold and impudent question. Money matters always are.

Well, tell me, what’s interesting?


Certainly, many people familiar with this situation when you try to keep the conversation going, and to say nothing at all. And that begins: «well, tell me, why are there». Especially love the violent reception parents, but know that Mama, but not you.

Where to go on vacation?

In the village. Or maybe in a nearby neighborhood. Not accumulated in Italy. And worst of all — no vacation at all.

By the way, many consider such a question uncomfortable because of his financial component (for holidays, not enough, need money, preferably a lot). After all, you want to know the salary, you bastard!?

Are you satisfied with life?

Suddenly you remember that forgot to become a hipster to go to Norway, and to make pictures of beautiful houses, and then share them on Facebook. And instead of earning a stream on «Twitch», forced to walk the plant, and live with an ugly woman who makes you feel alone. And still, you’re happy. And sometimes Vice versa. It is a meaningless question because the answer is quite difficult, And on top of that is very personal. Hardly anyone in their right mind admits to not being happy, unless, of course, depression is not biting. Objective response and there is no depth, so to raise the question not need.

Don’t you know?

This vile claim, dispute when you talk about things you don’t know/not seen/don’t understand. How ironic celebration and the ugly of self-assertion in this sentence. So, I don’t know how much the Bugatti Veyron, but I know classical literature, and how to make money on this Bugatti. So, no need to brag.

Why do not you get married?


Because we are normal people who don’t see the point in a hurry. And so good to us, and if you haven’t noticed, we do not live together. As we feel it is a necessity, as are ready — so soon. We are adults and decide for yourselves. And yet, you’ll be the first to know about this great news.

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