Eternal hamburger


This news may make you to throw all sorts of rubbish from fast food. After all, if all the talk about the «secret ingredient» in the burgers can be simple urban legends, the threat of obesity is real! In any case, this story shows us that the burgers still something there.


David Whipple from Utah decided once again to show your friends what the enzymes which microorganisms decompose food. For this experiment, he bought back in 1999 a regular hamburger from McDonald’s. They decided to wait a couple of months and find out how good the packaging kept the pizza.

David was forgetful small: he found a package of hamburger as much as two years. Feeling retching, wife of David, who found the package in the pocket of his cloak, pulled the Chow out of the wrapper and was surprised to find that she is no different from that which is now sold in stores.

David decided to continue the experiment. After 14 years, a few days ago, he remembered the package. As you can see, nothing has changed, even the bun looks fresh. The only thing that happened with the Burger is the mysterious disappearance of cucumber.

Now Whipple shows the eternal Burger to the children of science. And we should all be asking.


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