Essays on the noodles, helped the guy to go to University


That just will not do a young passionate young man to enroll in higher education. This guy from China was born under a lucky star is a really talented person.

In the U.S. the University of Rochester accept the results of entrance exams, the most important of which is the essay research on any topic. Those wishing to study from other countries are accepted to the University on the same terms.

16-year-old boy, who signed only as Wang, lives in the place in Fuzhou located in the Fujian province in China. This guy really wanted to get into a good school and wrote a rather extensive essay on the study of the history of wheat ramen noodles. But this is not interesting! The essay began with an angry introduction in which van reported admissions, very disappointed that in America and around the world, ramen is considered to be negligible fast food, at a time like this wheat noodle is an important part of Chinese culture. After angry entry was a detailed research about noodles and its importance for the history of China.

Despite the fact that for admission to the University of Rochester applicants are not good enough written essays, the selection Committee gave the nod to the entry of the van. Now the fan noodles are to be congratulated.

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