ESports: money for love

ESports: money for love

manygoodtips.com_5.08.2015_3iluOXFnOJj9XFor many it is a dream to play and earn money. Ideal scenario: you’re just doing what you already spend hours. And then the glory, advertising contracts and even live broadcasts. ESports took on a whole other level. But not everyone turns to become Dendi, Fatal1ty and others like them. For this you need to consider several things.


According to the rules, a professional player may not be younger than 17 years. With an average age of 21-22 years. There are exceptions, but the main this age, because in «play toy» – the fate of the children.


While professional gamers earn less than normal athletes, their income is at best rarely exceed several hundred thousand dollars. Sources of income several. First, the teams belonging to the League, receive a monthly salary, however, in the CIS it is only 100-150$. Over the hill much more. Secondly, in the case of wins they get a percentage of the prize money. Thirdly, they may sponsor advertisers, for example, manufacturers of soft or energy drinks.

Well, the most stable and common way is to broadcast and stream on «Twitch». There is, of course, reigns system donations, but sometimes you can buy rolls of vodka. The more that people’s love knows no measure or boundaries.

ESports life

To be a cyber athlete – to be named fully, to live the eSports life. For this you need to always be aware of the latest events in eSports. Also carefully study any new information about the game. To do this, always read all eSports websites will be able to master. Collect information about how to play experienced gamers what they suggest, as they describe your lifestyle and training methods. Read the forums, ask questions in the comments. Always download a new demo and learn what’s new came up with the best players. Consults with all players and download configs from top players. Be sure to watch all the major tournaments and put idols in eSports, destiny and the speeches which will follow, and some even to imitate. Study the history of eSports, see reports from major tournaments, watch streams of games and streams from the experienced players. Vnedryaetsya clans, millet in different teams and take e-sports experience where possible. All this will help you to become competitive players. Don’t be like everyone always finds their own individual style of play, utilizing their strengths. ESports itself is like a strong and determined players, and that he gives his luck and protection!


The main thing is to enjoy the game. Age in short-lived players: a player’s career usually lasts from two to five years. Maybe in the future you will have to suffer for the lathe or wait in the office. In the end, it becomes unbearable to play continuously the same for a long period of time. In fact, so many masters of the game go from the sport. So what’s left? Remains the only play that truly love and understand. Boredom will kill your talent and interest will ascend to the heavens.

Gamers have the problem – they are very tired from their disciplines. And not everyone can equally well manifest itself in a variety of games, as the British Fatal1ty. Sooner or later the game you get tired. But the longer you have an affair, the better, because you will have to practice a lot. However, this is under the heading below.


The main similarity of eSports with a physical regular exercise. It will not just pick and win. You need to constantly keep in shape. And it’s tiring. It’s like to sit behind the wheel in aviasimulyatora after a year of detention.

Workout make the game stable. But unlike any of the footballs, squashy and sterlingov, here you are your own boss. Want, train day, want night. Training should also be fun. And if you play in a team with all sorts of «cancers», train in the company to these useless worms also pumped his poor skill.

Problem entertainment

Everyone who has ever been involved in this difficult case, you know that the best and the most spectacular is unofficial games. Such kills, which happen in a quiet home environment, can not be at major competitions. But the people demand spectacle, so the game need to be as focused. Remember the jitters and show the craftsmanship that show the house. Difficult? Yes, difficult, but possible.


Talking about soup is probably not necessary. Everything here, like in the big sports. Right mouse, headphones and screen have the same meaning as characteristic of the bobsled car.

A perfect device no. You have to pick them up myself. Convenient for some one, some another – we are all different. Some probably like the wheel of the mouse.

Maybe it’s not always cheap, but worth it. You can’t be a confident player using uncomfortable devices.

Only computer

In order to become competitive players, need to play really eSports games. If you, for example, decided to become a cyber athlete playing games on consoles, then you will not. Just console eSports society is not at its core.

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