Especially cool safe

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Dude, values need to be stored somewhere, because at any time in human history there were those who wanted to profit people things. Do not let them do it! We already wrote about the safe in the book, but is, we believe, is not as efficient as the… in the socket. Admit it, it’s just fucking idea *high five the team*.

Safety Deposit box is a small box that is screwed into the recess in the wall of the appropriate size. The size of the safe allows you to hide something small (e.g., twisted up cash and family jewelry), but, in theory, that should be enough. After all, the thief in all seriousness will turn off all outlets in the house, being sure that you are there hidden values? Only the most foolish or insightful. By the way, to open the safe-the socket is not so simple to pick up will not work: the box you receive, but the safe will not open. To open the safe enough to twist the screw on the front panel and the box opens itself.

Decent price — $ 8. It is a pity that we have such a safe will look at least silly: standard sockets are not the same.

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