Escapism: where are accidents looking for a place

manygoodtips.com_19.06.2014_it4PmTeX7j1n6Do all the escapism. If in Russian, that is a departure from reality. Every few want to go from where he is now. For example, to diversify your life with new impressions. Most people trying to use escape from reality to find happiness. Such matter as happiness, alas, does not exist. The reason is quite simple: happiness is a rather vague notion of the moment when, roughly speaking, all together becomes a good or at least that suffering was not. These accidents do not understand that suffering in life is natural, which is good all at once can not be, because if it happens, it is only in the hothouse environment to create which is extremely difficult. So many people are moving away from reality, trying to replace his life to various dubious creations.

Who plays online games all day, someone dresses up as an elf and he takes off into the woods to run around under the trees. Someone goes to the mountains, someone thumps like a pig who sleeps with anyone — ways to get away from the gray reality in search of at least the crumbs that might brighten your life a small ray of light very much. These ways to entertain yourself is good when you treat them as the attempt to diversify the gray days, but if you are trying to find happiness or too serious about it, this is bad… Where unhappy people looking for happiness, but don’t you think?

1. The fantasy of an easy life

Easy life is very rare. Mostly people have to overcome certain problems. If you don’t have, we can only pity these worthless people: they lose a very useful experience in independent problem solving. Happens in their life is kind of crap, and they are helpless, like blind kittens. Silly, silly people. No need to dream of an easy life is a dangerous dream. Easy life simple layman boring, uninteresting and does you honor. Come up with a variety of standard and boring, but original things like skydiving, eating Chinese hawk or special quarrels to buy himself a no enemies. Do not wish for an easy life, otherwise you will be most miserable in the world!

2. In the past

Love to grind past famous men and women. I think that this was done by everyone who lives on it, because, probably, it is so cool to live in that place, which is not. Life is changeable, it will never bend to you, as it is sung in one famous song, and then that life and the world around you is large and ephemeral things that change always. People change too, and if they do not change and do not adapt to the environment, it becomes bad. The desire to remember past relationships, jobs and everything that we lost, will not help you to revive all those feelings from what happened earlier. It is better to gain new experience! Every day opens a new door, you’re standing like a fool at the old.

3. In the future, which can not be

There are people who do not feed bread, let me think about «the day when…» He will meet the perfect girl; he will find the perfect job; all people will pay attention to his face, some famous dude will notice it will give a lot of money and a good position. Instead of trying to get out of the maze of life, we spend all our mental strength to think about how one day we are there by then some miracle will fall out into a beautiful world. You know, man, the chance that someone will come to us, we will pull the handle all the issues and provide a cotton candy on a stick is so small that talking about it makes no sense. These thoughts about the future only need to escape from the harsh reality, instead of painting the reality in different fun colors.

4. Excuses

The best thing you can do for yourself right now is to stop saying «I want». Instead, it is necessary to say «I will.» Needless to say, that you stop to dream career accident; needless to say, that you’re too young to carry the rod; enough to convince myself what you «big-boned»; stop thinking that you can’t find a woman because they are all materialistic bitches who don’t want to love you no matter what. Instead, just get up one day from bed, went to hell a woman that is not sweet; a job that makes me gag, boring hobby. And then prelexical and do something that you really like and want.

5. In the comfort zone

Almost all know what «comfort zone». This is the place where we for some reason are nice and convenient, but this is actually the place that seems safe. Easy job with no prospects of growth, where we just do not get fired. Relationship with the ugly stupid girl that makes you a brain for hundreds of times a day your funny present. The lack of interests and life aspirations, as the latter require a certain amount of risk. Many people stsykotno to start to do something. This is a common problem, man! There is always a risk, just realize this fact. Saltykov-Shchedrin was a Russian fairy tale «Wise piscary», which perfectly describes the danger of the comfort zone: the hero had not seen the joys of love, friendship, solving problems, he just sat in the hole, occasionally went out to eat and climbed back again to shake for your life.

6. In material things

Consumption is not a disease, it is one of the manifestations of escapism. I already wrote about the consumption in this article. Actually, the reason for our obsession with buying different pieces that the dude is categorically no luck on the ladies. Sometimes, of course, he had problems with work, but he no longer cares about the girls who want him to «make friends». Maybe buy a pretty good amount of crap is an attempt to squeeze out of inanimate objects, at least a little joy? I’m not saying that money and things do not need, I’m not a hippie or something, just the attitude towards them should be of medium of exchange and tools.

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