Escape in a book: why the book is the best way of avoiding reality

All of us engaged in escapism, man. There is nothing wrong. Sometimes even the most finished extrovert needs to be alone with yourself and your thoughts. Somehow escape from reality scares us, he understands on some special level, in the work Huxley «O brave new world». In fact, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and in the care of the team in place of temporary privacy and seclusion, there is nothing worthy of condemnation.

But what a way to escape from reality can you recognize the best? In fact, the best escape from reality, despite my love of swing, video games, watching a good foreign serials. Why? So, phenomenally a lot. Very much! And today I’m going to try to convince you.

1. Books inspire

Seriously, if you learn how to read books (and this is seriously worth to learn, I will write about that later), you can get a pretty good inspiration. And no matter what you read, even a sad dystopia can force you to go to at least create the impression that you don’t bring another authoritarian regime. Books inspire me to draw. Inspiring books for one banal reason — they are forced to use your imagination to imagine what’s going on.

2. They give us a remarkable feature of the open mind

Frequent reading opens the mind and sharpen the curiosity. No shame in curiosity not if it is aimed at obtaining new and useful knowledge and understanding of its place in the world. In the end, what man wants to get out (if not for Masturbation)? In order to relax, to rethink something and become better, right? An open mind that is ready for a new, nezakonchennyi and non-conservative mind is incapable of change, great buy, trust me! The most important thing he gives you is flexibility.

3. Books help us to experience emotions and teach us to be more sensitive

There is nothing wrong, if you think about it. Let the posters for the man socially unacceptable in our time (although only 200 years been a hell of courage), but this does not mean that the man is bad to feel emotions. Empathy, and its value has not been canceled. A good book will make you feel the whole gamut of emotions and it will make you a good person.

4. They expand your vocabulary

Typically the person who reads a lot or watches a lot of good movies (but most often it reads a lot), very well seen. Or rather, to hear. He has a pretty big vocabulary, which is not with the words: «Well, it’s, like… do that…» People who do not read a large vocabulary and a lot of unfamiliar words in reading human language, it may seem a mockery. Type «why is he so unclear says!?» However, this is another reason to exclude from its terms the voluntary ignorant. For a poor vocabulary, by the way, you can always identify a person who reads every heresy or fiction that tries to pass off as a good book, and to give yourself over fucking educated bro, who reads a lot.

5. They improve your writing skills

In the modern world more or less fluently and interested in writing is very welcome. You can earn money as a freelancer, you can have an interesting blog, and nice moral to drop assholes in the comments, and you can just write something serious, like serious. I am not a philologist, I have no relevant education, but it seems I’m pretty bad writing. All this thanks to books and frequent practice. I read a lot. According to one Advisory service, an average of 16 books per month. Not to say that it is terribly difficult and tiring, there was a period when I read two books a year and thought it a lot. I guess I just leveled up the skill of reading?

6. To read books is interesting

Hell yeah, as if that was not banal. In my personal list of interesting (I want to write «intelligent», but I won’t) ways of leisure reading is in the first place. Then go to good games, then movies, and then looking at paintings and art objects. In terms of interesting books are my absolute favorites.

7. They help you understand life situations better

I’m not talking about those stupid books like «1000 ways to become a better person», I’m talking about fiction. Here you have long considering some of the topics and questions of life, and here in the book the characters have a similar situation. They take a decision, and you look around and realize that they are fucking right. Everything was so simple, and you are not able to understand it! Books are, without exaggeration, excellent advisers. Best of all, of course, when they suggest not directly but in a roundabout way, that is, provide food for thought. So you are really my opinion, because it’s written in the book gave you a thought-provoking internal dialogue.

Especially it happens when you strongly disagree with what the author describes. Almuslima this theme in mind, you can create your own opinion decorated, bright and clear. To disagree with the author is right.

8. They give you a topic of discussion

Of course, if the friends around you are ready to discuss and read the books that you want to discuss. Several times during get-togethers, parties and getting drunk I’m with friends and I hotly debated with friends on a variety of topics, ranging from the classics (Russian classics overrated?), you’re right about Eddard stark, who is cooler, LEM or Strugatsky? Hell, about the characters of «Game of thrones» I’m shit, like an hour, but it was very, very interesting.

9. They will help you through the worst times in life

You’re leaving reality and remain there for some time, and when you come back, everything is better. It’s a great escape from reality, the most painless and most useful. Of course, to fall into dependence on books (I’m totally serious!), but in any case, it’s better than heroin addiction. Although it happens that in the mood to read books no, then you need to be alone with him.

10. Reading after 9 PM has a beneficial effect on sleep

Games, series and movies are a good influence on sleep, when they are measured and unhurried, but most often the actions they more and more obvious. Books, even adventure, it is still more reasonable.

11. They give comfort

Books give a great feeling of comfort and peace of mind. I have a rather peculiar habit: once a week I go to the café, take or beer, or coffee and reading. In parallel, I’m waiting for the wife after work, somewhere to go. And it’s awesome rest. I can’t imagine myself without books and without rocking, that is such crap.

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