Escape from Internet: get rid of mobile addiction

manygoodtips.com_6.05.2014_JFoSkeXT41D4V«Digital detox» — a modern well-established name for an attempt to escape from the Internet, limiting the use of mobile phones and social networks. The phenomenon as we see fit. Too many modern people spend their time, questionable entertainment, it’s time to do something else. The main scourge of the modern age and at the same time it is absolutely stupid method of leisure (many do think so) is a social network. Internet addiction certainly exists, the problem is not just the Internet, and people on Facebook and Twitter find their own comfort for the soul. The Internet itself is simply a means of conveying information, he’s not evil, not the devil incarnate, but simply a tool. To displace itself completely from the Internet we don’t suggest — it is useful (here’s our website, man!). But slowly withdraw from social networking and try not to look at your phone constantly — it’s the right thing.

So why do we become addicted? For a variety of reasons. Each addict has their own prerequisites for falling into the abyss of the Internet Vice. Who wants a virtual recognition, collecting likes for each photo on the background of attractions, delicious food and beautiful women. Someone seriously thinks that it can replace the virtual communication is real, and has almost completely replaces it, because he doesn’t care what to eat: delicious homemade food or fast food. Someone brings this feeling on the social network and binds to the cell phone for sure he is a real man. And someone just does not know any other way to spend leisure time in between eating, sleeping and work. This is not all the reasons. A lot of them. The first difference of the dependent from ordinary users in that they are not able to spend a day without checking social networks. They have a natural break-up, who quit Smoking will understand. The second difference: they are constantly updating all social networks and more times a day.

Step 1: Admit that you have addiction

Do not make excuses, if you have two symptom — you have an addiction. Not so important reason, it is important to remove it because it spoils your life. Even if you think that it does not spoil anything. Realize this unpleasant fact and continue getting rid of harmful habits.

Step 2: Limitations

Immediately throw a lot of strong — minded people. But even such companions then you can come back to questionable business and they will have to quit again. It is better to make gradually to have developed a strong habit. First, stop taking your phone with you constantly. Go to the gym? Put the phone in the locker, you’ll be less to distract him. Go on your lunch break — leave the phone in the office. It is not necessary to say that while you’re absent, you can come a very important message or call, the unknown will tell you about the legacy or the dream job. Then I’ll get back to you. First, of course, would be awkward: what to do with hands is unclear. Get used to it.

Step 3: Replace phone

Best replacement for the phone, which often is not ashamed to look a decent man, is ebook. The most obvious advantage of this gadget is low cost. The second advantage — in most budget models there is no Internet. Other advantages of too much, but this is not so important in our experiment.

Buy a book, shake a good book, taught himself to read, often a look at e-book than a phone. This simple purchase quickly, shifting priorities, provided of course that you love (or could love reading.

Step 4: Find a hobby

Often it is impossible to look at the phone if you have something to occupy all my free time. Actually, of course, possible, there are individuals who manage to do something you love, but to tear yourself away from your phone it is almost impossible.

In the struggle with any addiction the most important thing is to be distracted by something else. To shift attention, so to speak. Probably the best of all possible Hobbies, a beneficial effect on salvation almost from all the bad habits of a social orientation, is the gym or any other strong physical activity. First, it will exhaust you much so that you will think only about his endless fatigue and pain. Second, it will last for another day, because your muscles are suffering from microreserves. Of course, the gym won’t work if you’re going to photograph their dubious achievements and upload to Instagram instead of working.

Any other hobby that will take away a decent portion of their personal time. Good job with this bike buying with the subsequent separation in the evening in the city. You can pick up a nice cyclist, to get some fresh air and get rid of the need to do cardio at the gym. Any other interest, which you sincerely are interested in will save you from the harmful addiction.

There is a very radical method of dealing with the habit of constantly staring at the phone. In a pinch you can replace one questionable habit for another questionable habit. For example, start to play online games like World of Warcraft. It will really take too much of your time, but most likely you then have to get rid of the new addiction.

Step 5: Exclusion from social networks

You grab your phone and begin to remove the social icons directly from the home screen. Laziness plays a useful role. Every time you think of having to look for the button Facebook or Instagram in the list of programs that you want to fill will repeatedly fall. It seems to be complete nonsense: instead of having to spend a second to run the application, you will spend 3-4 seconds, but still you will be lazy.

The second step is more radical. Each application that gives you quick access to a particular network that you want to delete. In addition to the browser. To enter the network going through a large platform, that is, through the computer. If you have a tablet do the same thing with its apps.

There is one, to tell you the truth, the Council is required. In the browser of the computer after each session do a full release. Mother-laziness exactly a new superhero here to the rescue: the need to type the password well zadalblivaet.

Step 6: Remove yourself from the Matrix

And here is the latest radical step. If you have correctly followed all of the above, you will be easy. Remove yourself from social networks. Just like that. First, make a list of your necessary social networks in which, for example, you have important contacts. Least unnecessary to add to the list for deletion. Safely remove your account. Leave useful social network. Although «useful» is a broad concept. Better immediately and forever.

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