Error in the Twitter and Vkontakte, which can cost you your job


Follow these tips to avoid mistakes that can hinder your career.

Defend your reputation

You might know that social networks can help you find a job. You can use this noble goal of Twitter and make fresh contacts, Vkontakte. But social media has a dark side, as in any self-respecting force.

78% of employers look for information about their candidates on the Internet, 63% dig file on them in social networks. This does not mean that you need to tweak your privacy settings and don’t want to be friends with the boss Vkontakte; no matter how much you have Twitter followers. The question is: how the use of social networking affects your career and salary. And it’s important you’re on the money, in fact, live.

All of these blunders with social networks is not always obvious even to those who are skillful with hashtags. Over the last few years overseas have been numerous cases like the following story with Cisco. From all these troubles you can make a list of things not to do in social networks and that can even cost you your job. To help you avoid these mistakes, we took up the matter.

1. Don’t write tweets about the interview or job offer


There is a story about the guy who tweeted: «Cisco just offered me a job! Now I have to weigh what’s more important: a big salary, or the need to commute to San Jose and hating the work».

Cisco is, incidentally, a big company that deals with Internet technology, so naturally they this tweet I saw and read. And the dude replied, «And who is the hr Manager who hired you? He probably would be interested to know that you’ll hate your job. We at Cisco understand the Internet.»

In favor of a career. Even if you do not write any rude, be careful. You can’t tell about the interview, until the deed is done. Otherwise, one of your friends might think: «Oh, an opening! Well I’ll try too!» — and you yourself will create their own competitors. It is necessary to you?

If you want to share your experiences during the job search, try to be more mild: «looking forward to a new job. This company seems like a great place.» Never happened, how was the interview: can you write something that an hr Manager will understand.

2. Do not skip ..


All in the same States was a story where one guy named Kevin Colvin, a frequenter of Facebook, has said that he will not be able to come to work for family reasons. But his colleagues had lit photo of the guy in the fairy costume and with beer in hand. The boss, of course, fired the guy and sent all employees a photo of him. Everyone has their 15 minutes of fame — what can I say.

In favor of a career. First, don’t want to be friends with their colleagues on Facebook and Vkontakte. And it is not necessary to check in to Foursquare when you look like you’re sick.

Also, remember that just stay offline is not enough. Someone can go to Foursquare and discover that you were in the same place, and imperceptibly you take a picture and post it on the same contact. It happens, so be careful.

3. Do not criticize the conditions of labour, unless it seriously


Five employees of National Hispanics of Buffalo complained on his company and all have been released, despite the fact that the posts were not made from the workplace.

Here’s the weird thing: you’re not breaking the law, if you talk about the conditions, have the right, among other things, the law is not prohibited.

For the benefit of your career. Although it is not against the labor code, better not to talk about poor working conditions and an inappropriately long working time. If you are not satisfied with something, say it directly to his superiors, and not Noah on Twitter. Not a man or what? Besides, your future employers will look at you with suspicion if your tweets will be a solid complaint.

4. Not the posts of indecency or bad taste


For racist remarks and cruel comments the truth can be fired. For example, the network Walmart employee fired for what he posted on Facebook: «the Government should set a limit on the number of children depending on the income level. If you can’t feed them, you can’t have!» Offended, the customer reported it to the Manager.

For the benefit of your career. We are not saying that you should not be your opinion, but before you write a post, think about whom he might offend. Can get fired for different things. As a rule, you should avoid the topics of race, death, and natural disasters. You can’t joke about hot topics — and what a joke is and can fit in 140 characters?

5. Don’t tell the public that you’re bored


One Madam from the USA once complained that she was bored at work, on his Facebook page, and received a letter stating that she was fired because «she is not happy and her work brings her pleasure.» Of course, to write: «I’m bored» is just plain wrong, but statements like «This week stretches and stretches» can be perceived in the same way.

For the benefit of your career. Of course, the simple complaints of boredom are not enough to get you kicked out on the street, but promote the person who it’s sad, too, no one will. Probably bored the person is not interested in that work and bring success to the company. If you’re bored, think about how to change jobs or to do some social work. Or talk to the authorities: can the company find a more suitable position for you.

And you can just paraphrase a tweet about boredom in something like «looking forward for the weekend to spend with your family!» So you do not offend your employer, and Express joy about the upcoming weekend.

6. Do not write posts on inappropriate topics (even anonymously)


In 2004, the former assistant of the Congress of Jessica Cutler start an anonymous blog about her sex life. In particular she wrote that she was paid for sex. It was tracked down and fired. And she sued one of the men she mentioned, and in the end she was left with nothing. Even after received a fee of $300 000 for your book.

For the benefit of your career. If you start a personal blog, know that your colleagues can detect, even if you try to hide it. If you have to work seriously, think about what you say, when the existence of this blog they. For example, a friend named Heather Armstrong, author of the blog turned his dismissal at the beginning of a brilliant career blogger (she writes about motherhood and all that female stuff). Time I read, I might be interested. But this story is still the exception rather than the rule.

If you just want to write about their Hobbies, read the articles of the company or talk about their plans with management. Do not write anything without thinking about the consequences. Even if you want to tell the truth, you can still hurt yourself.

7. Do not write nasty things about their customers


One Starbucks employee was fired because on YouTube there was a video where he sings about the stupidity of their customers.

Never talk bad about their customers. And even about their hometown. The day before a meeting with FedEx, advertising representative James Andrews dissed the hometown of the company — Memphis — via Twitter. He had to apologize publicly.

For the benefit of your career. If you don’t like how customers behave, and you think that something needs to change, discuss it with your guide. And when you’re on the job, sometimes you just have to pull on a smile, and then tell all the dudes in a personal conversation.

8. Don’t start holivar

When one girl, a PR Manager, posted a tweet that upset by the rude behavior of the journalist, he rested and answered already several times. Of course, this is not the worst option: the Internet is not that. Newspaper, where he worked for the journalist, bring a friend a public apology. If he hadn’t gone to work in another place, he would be guaranteed to be fired.

For the benefit of your career. If you criticize in a public space, answer with respect, if the criticism is valid (Yes, even if there is also no need to be rude). But people will see that you are adequately react to criticism. And even when someone is questioning your professionalism, it can simply be ignored — as they say, don’t feed the Troll.

9. Don’t say unpleasant things in the address of the boss, colleagues, and organizations

One journalist on Twitter criticized the dudes from your College and fucking around on them. His mocking tweets copied and sent and sent to the editor — and he received a severe reprimand from his superiors.

For the benefit of your career. If your boss or your colleagues unbearable and you truly hate your job, think about it, and if you need to work there.

10. Don’t act relaxed, if you work with children


If you work with children you can’t afford to be careless — even in small things. To upload photos from the bachelor party, joking on the hair of his apprentice and to call students idiots is strictly prohibited: you just imagine what will happen with the parents and old teachers when they see it! One teacher once even fired for what she posted on Facebook a photo, which derjala in the hands of some kind of alcoholic beverage — and in her friends was not a single student! And the other for beauty.

For the benefit of your career. If you work with children, your profiles wherever possible should be flawless. Never add your friends, colleagues and students. If they knock, don’t add them. Privacy settings patch it up to full hardcore.

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