Ernest Hemingway — a great writer with a great beard


When we wrote the article about the best beard, we immediately thought of these dudes as ZZ Top. Next was Ernest Hemingway’s badass and the author of many wonderful books and short stories based on the episodes of his eventful life. This bro has shown us what it means to be a real creative men are gay without various problems. He participated in two world wars, engaged in fishing and hunting, got the Nobel prize and visited many countries. Of course, in his biography many black spots. And why in honor of him scared like to call pubs, restaurants and cafes. How not to write?

Childhood Ernest was a very, very remarkable. He was born in a very respectable and wealthy family of a doctor, however, dominated by a hypocritical Puritan customs. On the one hand, with his father, a General practitioner, little Ernie was great and very warm relations. The father dreamed that his son would become interested in science and maybe follow in the footsteps of an ancestor and become a doctor. In eight years, Hemingway was well versed in the plants and animals that lived in the Midwest. But quite early, in three years, Ernie, learned that a fishing: his father gave him a fishing rod and took to the lake. Later he took his son on hunting and rustic cabin in the woods. My dad played a very important role in the life of Ernie, they had real reverent friendship and exemplary parental relationship. But mother Ernest remained not the most pleasant childhood memories. A domineering mother wanted her children clearly follow its anticipated course. Any free thinking and rebellion choked the mother in the Bud. Not surprisingly, the freedom-loving Hemingway loved mother, who instilled in him a distrust of women. Mrs. Hemingway longed for the son of a career officer and wanted him enrolled at the University. Also she had a peculiar notion about educated about his hobby: a woman is literally forced his son to do music, sometimes even forbidden him to go to school to my son to have more time to do.


The father of Mrs. Hemingway is also commanded. Some biographers of the writer certain that she was partly the cause of the suicide of his father, Clarence Edmond Hemingway. When Ernest was sent to the relatives of his first book, a scandal erupted, the mother sobbed and wailed: «what the Lord has given us such a son!», and the father, in turn, wrote his son a rather furious letter: «it seemed to Me that with all my education I gave you to understand that decent people never discuss their venereal disease, except in the doctor’s office. I guess I was wrong, and sadly mistaken…» the fact that one of the main characters in the book were gonorrhea, another suffered from impotence, but for a man of Puritan temperament the mention of this disease in the literature was the equivalent of reading the Marquis De Sade in the sermon. In the last years of his life Clarence was sure that lived it completely in vain. Despite the fact that he truly loved all his patients, father Ernie was not pleased. The situation greatly complicated the gangrene that developed from his father due to diabetes. Once Clarence returned from bypass patients earlier than usual, climbed the stairs to his office and never returned. When his father died, Ernest was already an adult and had children of their own.


At school He was engaged in Boxing and sports, grew up and well became stronger. Then he wrote little notes in the school magazine and decided to become a writer. When the mother learned that the son is not going to fulfill her plan, she made a huge scandal that forced Ernest to quickly dump in Kansas city, where he found work in a local rag. Ernie wrote about the incident, crime, cultural life and other nonsense, which can be easily found, if you buy any provincial newspaper.

Young Ernie in his regular life lacked adventure. And he decided on a desperate step — to go to war. «I was an awful dope when I went to the last war. I thought we were the home team and the Austrians — the other team» is what will tell the writer about his venture in the future. Poor eyesight Ernest gave him the opportunity to become the only driver. It carried supplies and transported wounded. But all was not so simple; life decided to give our hero some experience and brains. At the forefront when Ernest saved the Italian sniper, he came under fire of the Austrian detachment. But also machine guns on top covered. Ernest’s body recovered 26 pieces, and the number of RAS exceeded 200. Patella had to replace the aluminum plate. At the hospital Hemingway had a love affair with nurse: without this, it seems, was impossible during the war. Those who have read the novel «farewell to arms», he will understand where Ernest have so many emotions and such delicate observations about war and love in war. Man well experienced!


The mother still did not recognize in Ernest the high-grade person. Of course, his decision to go to war and show everyone what he is a hero, can not be called balanced, but is it worth it to give up on the man if he doesn’t want to be like everyone else? He, in the end, not bothering people on the street with a dubious literature and conversation about spiritual growth? So, a normal person has grown! Ernie promptly dumps from mother, married and went to Paris, which had long dreamed of.

New Parisian friends quickly explain to Ernest that it is vital to write complex literature. And Ernie writes. The novel «the sun also rises» got obscenely huge popularity, to denounce the vices of the «lost generation» — veterans, young people, which have no place in life (which belonged to the writer himself), the writer has worked perfectly. But the real glory, strong and sincere, came to Ernest, when he wrote «a farewell to arms!». Despite the crisis and the Great depression, the book sold in America and the world just fine.

When the writer returns to the United States, he realizes that his time has come gold. He wrote many works, goes sailing and fishing. A real man’s leisure! This whole raspberries over when Hemingway gets into an accident and survives with great difficulty.

The combat disposition was manifested by Ernest during world war II. Aggressive writer organizes the Cuba counterintelligence against the Nazis, flying in a bomber over Germany and stands at the head of the group of 200 guerrillas, which helps to release beloved Paris. You already feel like the level of respect has risen to obscene heights?

In 1954 for his novel «the old Man and the sea» Ernie gets the Nobel prize. Previously, this novel has earned its Creator a Pulitzer prize.

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The last years of the writer’s life was not as bright as the rest of his life. The man suffered from constant paranoia. It seemed to him that everywhere was placed wiretaps, intelligence agents followed him, and he is in danger. Health issues worsened the situation: Ernest suffered from diabetes like his father, and hypertension. While psychiatry doesn’t know a lot of treatments for obsessive-compulsive disorder. In addition to our usual lobotomy, applied the same healing properties of the electric current. All over the unfortunate Lord, «the old Man and the sea» was held on 13 (!) treatments with electricity, after which he started having problems with speech and memory. But it’s not so bad, our hero has lost the ability to do what for him was a lot sadder!

Obsessive-compulsive disorder along with the health problems and the creative impotence led the writer to thoughts of suicide. Several times he was saved (for example, when Ernest was going to jump on the propeller of the plane), but keep failed. Ernie followed in the footsteps of his father, when July 2, 1961 shot from your favorite rifle. The drama of the situation added to the fact that Ernest really watched. In the future, the FBI confirmed that there were bugs, and was shadowing, and listening. Interestingly, tortured these people, the conscience that their agents brought a good man to such a state?

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