Eric Clapton: battered, but unbroken

manygoodtips.com_21.05.2015_yGsCyf1JuXnWvThere are musicians whose name evokes a delighted exclamation of approval: «This is a very cool dude. I love him.» Especially good if the musician hails from the era when songs were written for centuries, and not forgotten in a few months, and when the music invested more soul. Clapton is one of those. Even those who did not listen, know that this man is very dear. So it is better not to shame and to accept its coolness.

If not to delve into the biographies, if you just look at his recent work, this respectable and, unfortunately, the summer man, what will we see? A living legend, writing and acting wise, calm and very beautiful songs, old and bearded. He seems to be eternal, and therefore don’t have the desire to dig deeper and see what was going on in his life. And there… drugs, tragedies, scandals, disappointment, and, in General, a shit ton of experience, after which it becomes even slightly surprising, as he lived to noble gray hairs? But about all under the order.

All the problems, as psychologists say, come from childhood. The first disappointment was brought by his parents. Even before the birth. As you know, many Canadians fought for the allies in the Second world war. Was among them one friar. Why am I a SAP? The name of this Edward Boy. In General, unremarkable, pretty soldier twenty-four from Montreal. It so happened that they settled with their Union fresh and close to London’s legendary and ancient Surrey. But what is lacking soldier, that other people clearly harassment of superiors? Over female flesh. Here’s our Mayor has used the power of his hungry libido and enchantment in the address is simple as the village idiot Molly Clapton. Well, of course, pomatrosil and tossed. But who knew that the accidental fruit of love will be one of the best guitarists? That Simpleton didn’t know, and after the war, waving a pen Britain, beautifully and gracefully flew off to his native Canada, away from pregnant ladies and war.

What Molly? And she had a hard time. In conservative England was considered extremely disrespect to fly at the age of 16 and to give birth out of wedlock. Therefore, all of the features parents took grandma and grandpa Eric, who is actually Friar and not Clapton. By the way, the grandfather was not home. Didn’t know the man, by taking to wife the grandmother Clapton with two children, what is in store. And Eric for a long time thought that his mother is actually his sister, but the grandfather with the woman – the most that neither is on the parents. In fact, it was so. The mother had taken little part in the upbringing of a random offspring and eventually slipped into Germany… another canadian soldier.

The Clapton is one thing to write great songs based on their experiences. One of his best works – «My father’s eyes» – dedicated to his father, whom he never saw. Stunning men’s song, a revelation.

«The song I tried to describe the parallel between looking into the eyes of my son, and my father, whom I never met, through the chain of our blood»

Eric grew up a good and calm boy, showed great promise as an artist. He even went to art College, where the teachers could not get enough calm, intelligent talent. But then I happened to what is called «system failure». At age 13, an event took place which once again is found in the biographies of famous musicians. Eric gave the usual wooden bandura with steel strings guitar company Hoyer. At first she is not impressed, however, after two years to see Eric without a guitar herd is simply impossible. Classic paragraph biography of nearly every great rock guitarist originally from the 60s – the guy was fond of Blues. Deadly carried away sick. So it was with page, Blackmore… so with all. But the virus reached the brain, and in the near future with a brilliant student he has become one of the worst scoring of the College. In 17 years, the Alma Mater kicked him out for the incident in the classroom: Eric only played guitar, sending out all the requests the teacher to stop the mess.

And then the skill became stronger, and rained down a series of Amateur groups, in which the talented Ricky honed his skills. All this has led to the fact that at one point, Eric called out in a rather promising group the YARDBIRDS. In my time here, learned the basics of show business the glorious guitarists Jimmy page and Jeff Beck, and the group has achieved quite impressive results (both creative and commercial), but its drift toward pop music made Clapton go. Despite the fact that the band played a very interesting and innovative at the time, the music, and colleagues Clapton were professionals of a very high class, in 1965, he still left the YARDBIRDS, considering that the group is too far deviated from the originally selected Blues line.

In the clip of the famous song «For your love» – you can see not only what was the music in the era of rock-and-roll dinosaurs but also the young Clapton in the hat.

Young 18 year old boy, driven by the all-destroying boyish, at one point I realized that the world looks at him as the future of rock music and one of the most promising guitarists. In those days, I must say, not only singers, but musicians did not descend from the covers of magazines. Once more prized songwriting than vocals. Yes, and to sing beautifully in those days could be 10 people. Clapton, by the way, in the early stages of his career, he sang as he wants, not caring about the results that is to sing he’s not good at all. Over the years, however, the voice, processed tobacco and alcohol, became more pleasant and, perhaps, even cozy.

Authority Eric meanwhile was fixed in masterpiece album, written by the Patriarch of the Blues – John Maalla. But here Eric is not delayed. The prodigal son a long time searched for your group and, seemingly, found. It Is A Cream. Possibly the best Blues rock band in history, and perhaps it is good because the move has recorded four incredible album. You know them. You hear at least this song. It is constantly sings at his concerts Clapton.

The trio became a real decoration of the rock scene of the sixties. It was there he revealed a talent of Clapton as improviser and a generator of many innovative ideas, which will soon be adopted by numerous heroes of progressive and hard rock.

However, the boys wanted to play in cozy clubs, not concert halls. Eric has bitten off a big chunk of the glory, however, he didn’t want to become a fashionable rock star, only guru of the Blues. Therefore, the participants scattered, only to each other not to see.

Then still had to work a little with Cream drummer Ginger Baker and a good keyboardist Steve wynwood art group Blind faith, which was engaged in the same things and Cream. The producers did not want to lose money because of the preferences of the musicians, so they were able to persuade Clapton and company. However, it lasted long. Then again, a number of projects, including DEREK & THE DOMINOS, where he was invited to his friend George Harrison. Yes, the Beatles. Writing with Domino one of his best albums, Eric with an open heart and pricked the veins met the 70s, so that fall to the bottom, and then again reborn, like a Phoenix from the ashes. But still no good. «Dominos,» Eric dismissed, as the team began feuds, folding ceased, because when you’re pumped full of heroin, it is difficult to make something adequate. In General, he found himself at the bottom.

He was helped by loyal friends. First, Pete Townshend of The Who organized a concert for themselves and their friends, which was called Clapton. As a result of these performances came the album «Eric Clapton»s Rainbow Concert» – shit, but he reminded himself. Second friend was the same Harrison. He called Clapton to record Belovskogo «the White album». But it was in the 68th, he just provided moral support.

In response, Clapton is a true friend, stole best friend’s wife. However, Patti Boyd did not at first reciprocate. Desperate Eric wrote one of his best songs – «Layla». She is still the prototype of the romantic guitar compositions. One of the versions of this musical work was even awarded a Grammy in 1992. Famous magazine «Rolling Stone» placed it among the best compositions of contemporary music. I wonder what the basis of the composition laid the ancient Arabic legend. GAIS, later nicknamed Majnun (translated oznachaet «crazy»), was in love with Layla. The girl was married, and GAIS left his tribe in the desert and lived alone, composing songs in her honor. Leila and her husband moved to Iraq, where he fell ill and died. After a few years was found dead and GAIS.

The drama caused a huge wave of enthusiasm around the world and hundreds of covers, hit in the list of 500 best songs of all times and peoples, where «Leila» settled on honourable 27-m site, and on other high places in the lists. By the way, in ’92 Clapton has issued so-called «unplugged» version. All the same, only slower and more acoustic song. And what would you think? This version won a Grammy, leaving no chance, oddly enough, the song «Smels Like teen spirit» a well-known Seattle band. Later this victory would include in a list of 10 of the most unexpected defeats in the history of «Grammy».

At 77 Harrison with Boyd divorced, and in ‘ 79, Patty walked down the aisle with Eric. But the men did not destroy the bonds of friendship over some women. Harrison was glad that he got rid of that bitch, knowing that one will have a hard time, and he is happiness what is needed. And he was right. In the late 80’s they divorced.

Beautiful story. Meanwhile, Clapton was more like bum on acid, gave less and less adequate interview. Albums produced ambiguous, except that big «Slowhand» is one of the best creations of the author, with such popular songs as «Cocaine» and «Wonderful Tonight». Strictly a must-audition. It would seem that many of the songs sung about drugs, even the Mr. Maloy scored. And we all remember «Cocaine», because there is nothing more brutal and kosher about it’s bad business to say no. A true hymn to the «Magic powder».

If you want to take –


You have to take it with you –


If you want to go down

Down to earth –


He is not lying,

He is not lying,

He is not lying –


In the 80s the Clapton has a new close friend – alcohol. I had to get off of the heroin that came to the aid of booze. However, alcohol was a bit much, and Eric had to undergo rehabilitation.

However, climbing up the musician makes a few good albums, which pleased the audience greatly. And if you thought that Eric’s life is normal, not at all – it just made things worse. They say that God purposely tests. But then he overreacted.

First the divorce and then, in 1990, during the big tour of the USA in a plane crash killed all his band members, many of whom were his close friends. But that’s not all. After Patty he time was not wasted and had an affair with model Lori del Santo, with whom he has a son, Connor. Half a year after the death of his friends, Connor fell from the window of a Manhattan skyscraper, where his mother lived. Clapton was more than a year in a terrible depression. But it did not affect his work. For the entire period of suffering he wrote good albums and the soundtrack to the movie «the Color of money», «Lethal weapon» and not only. And in ‘ 92 released his most heartfelt album «Unplugged», the acoustic «Layla», was a masterpiece «Tears in heawen».

This work has literally absorbed the sorrow of the losses and probably over the years has become the crown of the famous «Slow Hands» – this nickname was Eric for love to change the strings right in the middle of the concert. The audience endured, filling the recess of the so-called slow applause. In English it sounds like «slow handclap». One of his friends, a bit reinterpreted in the result of which was «slowhand».

That’s such a hard life was Eric. While wonder is not that he continued to write great songs, and that single-handedly put an end to dependence. Yes, with alcohol it for a very long time not friendly.

«Slow hand» I love and appreciate all: bluesmen – for great Blues and honor the roots of rock-n-rolldice through hits and masterful ballads, and the rest of his beautiful, slow, penetrating into the soul and put pressure on the tear songs. Worked with him and sting, and B. B. King, and even cher have been asked to record an album. Some were invited to just relax and sing.

But wherever he was, whatever he wrote, he would always be there. Or rather, I tried to be. A little stooped, unshaven, he hits the target, even without possessing outstanding vocals and making braces on your Fender or Gibson, though it pulls at the heart strings of everyone who listens. And because few people can. And the few who can enter the Hall of fame rock-n-roll 3 times, as a solo artist and as a member of the YARDBIRDS and Cream.

In the world of music, thank God, was full of gorgeous guitar players-singers. The same Gary Moore, mark Knopfler, and even Hendricks. But Eric still stands alone – a real shaman.

Clapton is cash, Clapton is a brand that is one of the most influential musicians and generally very cool guy.

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