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manygoodtips.com_5.09.2014_LqFBcd0IFoD2UIf the robot can replace the human, then sooner or later, he will replace it. History is generous with bright illustrations when modern technology has killed even the best and popular in his time, profession. You can, for example, to compare the modern industry and work in the 60-ies of the last century. Practically every factory was dominated by the power of manual labor, while right now the automation of many of the plants reaches 90 %.

Now we shake hands, clenched into fists, and ask the sky: «what happened to the carriage makers?! Where nice guys-Kucher? Why don’t they, and boorish taxi drivers?! Why are so few blacksmiths and millers left in the world?! About life, you always take the best…

According to experts and analysts, many professions will disappear in the next five years. Ready you or your company to such a daring plot twist? But forewarned is forearmed!

The Agency for strategic initiatives (ASI) and intelligent analysts of business school «SKOLKOVO» has compiled a list of professions that will play in the box after some five years. Read it and think, is it time to flee like rats from a sinking ship with his comfortable and stable (from time to time) of the workplace.

Even if you didn’t finished College, and your job is not prestigious, it still does not want to lose, especially if it you like. And those who gave years and money, getting higher, should be upset even more.

1. The conductor

In the near future, the profession can be seen only in the regions of our vast country, as by 2018 it is planned the equipment of each public transport fully automated system for reading electronic cards with special scanners. Such devices are already equipped buses in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

2. The inspector of traffic police

The mechanized system of traffic management, will allow us to abandon the representatives of the inspectors DPS. So the freebie is over. Boorish Gridnik thing of the past. For most people, this is good news, but certainly not for children with a rod.

3. Doorman, Concierge, Elevator operator, packer

The same work will take the place of smiling grandmothers, drunken lifters and workaholic-packers. Instead, they will run the special mechanisms that read fingerprints, and even retinas. Full automation. Big brother never sleeps.

4. The Valet driver metro

Will also become the past, after all, already a quarter of new cars available with intelligent Parking. It is assumed that by 2020 a fully automated control system will be used 80% of the cars. Drivers will be deprived of work for the same reason — an unmanned control system.

5. Seamstress

3D printing will cut at the root of the painstaking and unique work of seamstresses.

Plus, recently developed technology of liquid clothes on the body with an aerosol spray can, filled with a liquid mixture of cotton fibers, polymers and solvents, contours and drawing, for example, the usual t-shirt, which after drying can be removed and then worn as regular clothes. Perhaps the skills of human hands will be valuable for tailoring of exclusive and expensive clothes, but in any case, a mere mortal it will not afford.

6. The postman

When was the last time you were sending paper letters written by hand? A large part of the forwarded parcels takes over the logistics company. Magazines and Newspapers have become available in the online version, and the subscription can be made much cheaper than the equivalent paper version.

7. Travel agent

Every year around the world becomes more and more travelers are planning their holidays independently. It is easier and cheaper. To book a hotel, plan your stay, a visa — it can all be done from the comfort of your home or office.

8. Journalist print media

According to experts, the profession is doomed to extinction, and the possession of status «obsolete». Once again, due to advanced technology and widespread dominance of the Internet resources.

9. Copywriter

Scientists believe that by 2020 we have modern computer technology that will be able to generate articles in certain genres without human intervention.

10. Archivist, librarian

The rapid development of Internet technologies will allow each user to have access to any information. That will nullify the hard work these people in the imminent future.

Full list of professions can be seen in the publication «Atlas of 100 new professions and over 30 professions that will destroy automation», Pavel Luksha, Professor of SKOLKOVO. The latter stated that their study was conducted according to the methodology validated by leading international experts in forecasting the needs of labour markets. And if so, we have no reason not to believe such statistics and projections.

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