Epistolary novel 2.0: major bugs dude when corresponding with a lady

how to write SMS to the girlIn the twenty-first century SMS and messages in social networks have almost completely replaced love letters — now they write only those guys who love to smear snot and that is not really laziness. I doubt that among us there is at least one — but who knows? If we, following their example, continued to write love letters, we would have fewer problems: this skill has been mastered dudes hundreds of years ago and we have someone to learn from. However, the technology to dictate their own terms, and we have to adapt to the new format of communication with friends — SMS. We already gave you a couple of lessons on this subject: advise when and what to write and give General guidelines. As it turned out, this is not enough, you also need to guard against dudes the most common and annoying bugs.

1. Don’t analyze it — at least very deep

SMS is not as important as the conversations during the meeting or at least by phone. This is a great way to flirt and keep in touch, however they should not be overemphasized. When you start to dig too deep into what it meant in its latest report, is a step in the direction of failure. Do not get carried away.

2. Fear it to be addicted

Many guys do not even realize that so reveal all your cards. If you constantly ask her when you next time where something goes together when you send him smiles in response to his any jokes when you’re trying to talk her out of nowhere, you show your dependence. Addiction generally does not attract anyone: neither men nor women, so the SMS is not to overdo it.

3. It’s too many questions

It refers to the dependence (you are struggling to tighten their communication with her), but the abundance of issues is itself a mistake. Do you really want to learn about shitty day at work, as Wakabayashi her head or some stupid had customers? No. You’re only interested to see her again, call her to him. That’s what you really want, and why in that case ask so many damn questions? Give the look a cool dude, sell it, and your message should not end with a question mark. So she’d be interested in you even more.

4. Be afraid to seem the same as all

Any man who wants to take her number and who did it, will begin to fill up her highly original SMS like: «hi! How’s it going?» or «hi! Are you free on Wednesday?» All the dudes sending her the same text. If you don’t stand out, so you’re just as boring as everyone else.

Your goal is different: you want her to smile whenever she receives a text message from you. It is worth to try: invite her, amaze her, make him guessing and interested.

5. You’ve waited this long

There is no rule how long you need to wait before writing her first SMS. The best strategy when you take her phone number, say: «I will write to you tomorrow.» As soon as you utter these words, it will begin to wait for this moment, and thus you will have more chances to get an answer.

If you wait too long, you let her you better forget it.

6. You’re not funny

The key point in the SMS — humor. When you write to someone, this in itself defines the format of your communication, it is not as serious as if you were talking to face to face. Many guys forget about it. You just exchange short messages.

These messages must be interesting, witty and at times ambiguous. Without this, your text messages are similar to SMS all the dudes of the globe. Make her laugh, make feel welcome, and if you stand out from the crowd, this is already half of success.

Generally, texting is not difficult — you just have to whet her interest. Remind her how nice she felt when meeting, and make this feeling has not left it to your next meeting — think.

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