Enough to learn the business, it’s time to deal with them

Business does not like to wait, business likes action. So some of them succeed to become rich and famous, and other credit for business development is not allowed. Endlessly enough information, getting it from the flow of information, but information without action is like an arrow without tip – stupidity. Enough to learn: the more you study, the more in the mind of contradictions. Let’s go to work. Now explain why.

You already have the necessary knowledge

The reality is that until the moment when you can run your business, most entrepreneurs know more than he can. You’re learning, researching the market, getting information from the Internet and gradually turning into a theorist. Only theorists of the business does not like, he loves practitioners.

You have a lot of knowledge, enough, the rest will come with experience, so leave at least some space in your head. The only thing that separates the successful businessman from the bulk of the losers is the ability to manage their knowledge. Knowledge is useless if you don’t get to the market and not taking the first steps. Entrepreneur Brendon Burchard said that one of the main factors of business success is «speed of implementation».

Knowledge is useless without action

When someone or something hits a knee to the face of your dreams, is disgusting, sad, frustrating. But failure is a sign of action. If you never experienced failure, then you are reflexing the ordinary schmuck, which is lying on the sofa and just thinking about their exalted order, not doing anything. Knowledge is very good, but not enough. The most that you can count on, «smear» knowledge is a degree. Pay attention, not all the successful theorists in practice. Any plan is good as long as it does not test. Testing is the surest way to learn what works and what doesn’t.

There are those who say and those who do

When studying the exploits and deeds of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, you see before you a consistent pattern of actions taken, regardless of the expected consequences. Elon Musk could leave the company Spacex, when the rocket exploded, and the world would be a little bit different. He could send to hell the idea of «Tesla», when faced with all the difficulties that accompany the birth of a great electric vehicle. Instead, he worked day and night, and continued to take the necessary measures, while people began to see him as the Messiah.

Steve jobs could have lived a comfortable life on his promotion from Apple when he was fired from the company that he himself had created. Instead, he contacted Pixar changed animation. When jobs returned to Apple, he was just as successful as when he left, because it is not limited to merit that had.

There are people who constantly talk about all the wonderful things they are going to do and there are those who, gritting his teeth, makes them. Words are worth nothing, it is nothing more than a bubble: any promises as fragile as the bubble. And the action speaks volumes. Action inspires people to follow you, run errands and re-build a new world.

Of course, you need to dream, to fall in love with their idea and before starting to translate it, construct a plan in my head. But not for long. As soon as the bright idea swift-winged Pegasus raced through the neurons, immediately proceed to its implementation. Success is not an accident or a mystic. Success has a backstory and an insane amount of action.

In General, you don’t need a lot of information to grow your business. You have the knowledge, the rest will get in practice. All you need is a plan, and you should take steps to make this plan come to life. Nothing is impossible and impossible ideas. All that’s stopping you is a long preparation and a belief in their inadequacy.

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