Hi guys! The fact that I’m not a very emotional person, sometimes I even think I like stale old piece of bread. But not so simple, in fact, I feel unable to empathize, to rejoice, to be sad, but only in the shower, but with some strange reason, I can’t show a single drop of emotion.

What do I do with this?


Well, first, you still gave us very little information about yourself. Then you need to look at the man. On the one hand, you can be just a solid emotionless man with quite strong nerves, but that is likely because of education or habits keep it to himself. Nothing wrong with that, if you don’t go with a completely straight face on the street, and for every joke answer with a grave face: «it’s Funny, Cho!» On the other hand, you can be to those who are called vague and idols, because he do not understand what they want and how they react to your words. People very much depend on emotion, it is a relic of the animal nature. Animals react only on emotion, they are just as important as if we do not disown them.

Man, learn to laugh out loud. Or at least smile. Lack of emotion is not bad for you personally. It is bad for the people around you that banal will not understand what you want from them or you want to kill them or to reward. Often emotionless people really freak out some friends, and all because it is not clear what to expect from him. Smile though that! I urge you to cry in the corner, having his hands up and shouting bad voice, as in a provincial production of cheap, banal emotions, show them. Otherwise you will misunderstand.

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