Emotionally strong man: how he looks?

Emotions are the most direct influence on our body. From them to some extent functions of the body, and they affect each of our actions. Without emotion we won’t have any reason to do anything for themselves.

Emotions — our biggest motivators. Unfortunately, they can motivate us to act in any direction, not even what we need. For this reason, emotional stability and ability to control yourself is important. There are countless situations that emotionally strong people avoid many actions that can go to their detriment. They do not give an unconscious to take control over the situation. Who is emotionally strong and stable man? What this man will not allow themselves under any circumstances?

1. To demand attention to the person

Emotionally strong man doesn’t need anyone’s attention because he seems as confident in his abilities. Attention is the simplest currency, which replaces people’s emotions, normal relations with all other real things. It is a surrogate that only unstable people. More emotionally stable person is not going to require people confirm that he at least needed someone. Often in trying to achieve a lot of attention emotional weaklings begin to grovel. Stable people are always trying to keep common sense. At any cost!

2. To humiliate yourself

It is difficult to realize that there are those who envy you, restraining you and are trying to humiliate. Worst of all — to realize that these people are considered your relatives. This dissonance then shatters the psyche, and emotionally stable people understand that sometimes you need to tear the ligament.

3. To hold a grudge

In any form. Not even a «Let him know his place!» You know, why not do that? Because the images of the stupid exhaust! If you are constantly mindful of the old offence, will not be slow to appear and new, they will become clearer and clearer, and you’ll end up endlessly through alternate cycles. That looks like a bad Groundhog day! If the person sincerely apologizes, forgive him or her. If that person does not apologize, then not interact with him or her and do not hold grudges. The people to whom you have a complaint, take up too much space in your head and spend too much of your mental strength. It only brings harm rather than benefit.

4. Throw the case halfway

There is absolutely hard-nosed people who are doing something, no matter what. The reason is more than obvious: they are completely cut off from the outside world and do what needs to be done. What you need to do? What you think is right. Just note that to destructive activities it is irrelevant.

5. Opinions on the question of motivation and faith in yourself

They just stubbornly do. They have no idea that something may be wrong, if they sincerely like, brings pleasure, and brings them to the dream. That they are terribly surprising, although it’s simple: do it!

6. To act like «bitches» and «faggots»

Sometimes people have the desire deliberately to act as the last scum. Evil, because you previously did, or because you also want to be an asshole that would not respond. This behavior can always lead to unpleasant consequences such as bad reputation, frustration of loved ones and unpleasant sediment in the soul. Emotionally stable people will not harass anyone just for the sake of intimidating. They do not allow emotions to control their body, they think about the consequences of their actions, even when they do not carry anything bad, but just give you emotional release.

7. To let someone into my life just like that

Close person can influence them if they want the opposite. In emotionally stable people concrete defense, so to climb them in the soul is categorically difficult. Of course, it’s not the people who pathetically say that never let anyone into your heart because «there is so nagazheno,» is people who clearly share a threat to their interests and emotional stability and the positive impact of cherished people.

8. Afraid of love and other strong feelings

This paragraph follows logically from the previous one. Emotionally strong man is not shy to let anyone into my life, because it is not afraid of the consequences. It can be relatively painless to cope with the grief of separation and quarrels, but knows that love can carry a lot of new pleasant impressions. You will never hear pathetic crap like «I’ll never love anyone!» So say those who are afraid, the usual pants. You can not be a coward and parachute out, but shake again to love. This way and that you’re a coward.

9. Fear the calm and stability

Emotionally stable people understand that calm is normal. It is impossible to run constantly something to do, or where to participate without loss. Sometimes you have to stop and slowly drift. It is also a movement, but very slow. In any case, there is nothing bad, because the rest is worth it. Peace of mind — a time when you feel that you’re you. You can read a book, smell the roses, the sky to look. That’s the last time you walked?

10. To do what they want

Don’t get me wrong: sometimes you need to do those things that you don’t want. For example, bring himself to go to the gym or to work. We all do things we don’t like to do, but we should never do what we don’t want to do. Emotionally stable people will always find a way to do what they like, not what they impose on others. It’s one thing to fill in the necessary report on his favorite work, is the usual routine. Another thing to work on unloved work because your folder is said that it brings a lot of money and family honour. Many people do things they don’t want to do. And I’m not talking about having to get up in the morning, it’s stupidly lazy. However, at least the performance should also be studied.

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