Emotional infidelity: it is Not necessary even to remove his pants

Once I found out that my ex was texting some dude. Of course, I demanded she tell me what she writes to him, why is she doing this and what kind of person he is. Where did he come from? I don’t know. She told me that she met him at his girlfriend and since then, they write each other SMS. «Show me, say, those texts». Shows. She writes him personal things that a stranger dude not supposed to know. In my opinion, is despicable. What the hell is she looking for some shit emotional intimacy when I am a normal type?

So, she said that they have since never met and, of course, didn’t even think to sleep with each other. So what? What do I care? It still changed. Emotionally changed me.

In our days it is simple. Social networks such behaviour if not encouraged, then certainly provoke. There you can be friends with anyone, even strangers, to write them any greasiness and reach an extreme degree of emotional intimacy. If you have a girlfriend, it’s probably not abstract Platonic relationship, and if so, are you still reluctant to talk about them to his girlfriend. You can find this behavior a thousand excuses and pretend that you actually do not behave quite properly. It’s all nonsense. There is no «not entirely wrong»: you’re either good or shit.

What justification do you find for emotional infidelity?

1. «It was just a fling»

Thanks, cap, we all flirt. We flirt without even realizing it. I probably flirt with the cute librarian, when you come to borrow or return books. It seems to me that I’m just friendly, and if there happens to be my girlfriend, she has quite a different opinion. There is nothing wrong with that, we from time to time flirt. How to catch? A simple test. Imagine that the way you currently communicate, see your girl. She got mad at you? If not, then everything is quite innocent. In the relationship, no one will ask you to show a message on Facebook or SMS, but still the normal human condition in a happy relationship when he has nothing to hide.

2. «She’s just a friend»

Exactly? It’s one thing to talk about the details of his relationship with a female friend and quite another to whine that you like the girl, «your friend never really didn’t understand.» Secular difference? Often friendship cover attempts to roll the testicles, you’re not one of those?

3. «I didn’t sleep with her»

If you look, it’s even worse. Okay, how is it that you’re a drunken cheated on his girlfriend with some pretty lady that you saw for the first time in my life. It is much harder to explain to your girlfriend why you spent months exchanging messages with a girl and write to her ambiguous TEXTS, such as «I think about you». Now that’s a betrayal that she will never forgive you.

Know what’s even worse than emotional cheating? When you are caught, and you’re trying to justify here these worthless excuses. What you do? Or act like a human being, or break up, a woman who has ceased to interest you.

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