Emotional harmony and success: is there a difference?

Often success is directly linked to happiness. The only problem is that this matter, as happiness does not exist, about the same as there is no such thing as justice. Happiness and justice are a kind of advertising headlines about how these strange detergents, which can wash the tub, toilet, wash linen, wash dishes, wash myself, my head, the cat and brush my teeth. Too many concepts in one, for a lot of things, almost also as the notorious spirituality. And it is unlikely they exist in the form that we advertise.

But in this post I decided to call the proverbial happiness, spiritual harmony, because that’s what the phrase best describes what is usually meant by happiness. Very often happiness as we hammered different products of mass-media, depends on personal success. In fact, it is not so. It depends on him, but only from the point of view of such inspiration and nothing more.

In our modern culture, based on profits and income we tend to perceive happiness as a success, measuring them with our life accomplishments, achieved goals, which we achieved. The success we have in the foreground, emotional harmony is unlikely to take even the second, and all because we think we are, reaching goals, achieve happiness, and harmony, and, of course, many dissolute women.

The success is not and never was a reflection of happiness, but rather the opposite. It seems to be a success, but still something wrong? If success really would luckily not have a very rich and successful people to be the happiest people in the world? Why are there so many divorces, strange quarrels, suicides, drug addiction and other troubles? Maybe these things are categorically different?

You see, the success and inner harmony are two different things that sometimes overlap. And can never be crossed.

Mental balance may appear there when there is no success Spiritual harmony can emerge from not a Fig, but to the success need a long time to go. But about all under the order.

1. If success — to earn more, emotional harmony is to learn how to dispose of them so that was fun and informative

Of course, I won’t say all this crap type, the rich also cry. And I’m not even going to say, what not in money happiness. The availability of cash (pardon the pun) can lead to the fact that you will have far more opportunities. All of the suffering successful, wealthy people buying gold yachts and diamond toilets from the fact that they have no idea what to do with these riches. The presence of hobby, interests and what you can let your success is mental balance.

2. Success can be measured, but with the harmony difficult

Success is measured in the affected objectives, slain enemies, amount of money earned, successful projects and other quantitative characteristics. But harmony is not measured quantitative characteristics, it either does not exist or is. The harmony is very good, you can feel the lack of anxiety and other negative feelings. Is a binary numeral system: 0 or 1.

3. If success is a cool car, harmony is a wonderful trip

That’s the analogy.

4. If success involves a long hard work or of overcoming oneself, emotional harmony — a job that brings pleasure

Of course, it makes sense to work on the unloved work. But the best job is the one that you like, but not one that brings in the most money. If you think that it is impossible to achieve success, working on unloved work, you are very mistaken. If you have the sense and no knowledge in this area, along with the ability to work, you’ll succeed, is another question: will you be happy with this? Yeah, you got a little bit more money than usual, you can afford that expensive coffee from Starbucks. Feel what you are awesome! What now?

5. If success is fame and glory, the mental harmony is the growth and improvement

Neil Armstrong was very unhappy with the fact that he only remembered as «that guy from the moon». He had other achievements, but to remember him only for the brightest. Harmony is impossible to boast, contrary to popular belief, it is not visible. Dilated pupils and the splendor of all shape, often denote not spiritual harmony, and narcotic and alcoholic intoxication. A universal formula for mental harmony — learn more, improve yourself and go forward in issues of self-discovery. And, of course, read.

6. Success is earned, happiness is achieved

It seems to be absolutely odnopikselnye things, but the difference is obvious. Happiness (read: emotional harmony) is always a set of different States to which you come. This experience is a reflection of some of the things that reduce mental worries, is finding its place in the world and favorite things. Success is the product of specific actions.

Happiness and justice are a kind of advertising headlines about how these strange detergents, which can wash the tub, toilet, wash linen, wash dishes, wash myself, my head, the cat and brush my teeth.

Or you’re working hard, invent something, someone push or cheat. Emotional harmony is more priceless, despite the fact that you can run after her all the time and not achieve, and you can get it after any single event from which you learned the correct lesson.

7. Success can somebody show happiness and harmony are understandable only to yourself

Success, as I wrote above, it is possible to brag about. Once it becomes clear that this is a success because it is expressed in the paper, material and more understandable form. But the peace of mind it is impossible to boast of, it even show no one. No one will understand what exactly is peace of mind the most that I can say: «how cool is that! I’m happy for you.» If you’re going to flaunt their happiness, all talk about him and try someone to impose, I can assure you that you are not influenced by happiness or peace of mind. You simply obsessed or trying to wishful thinking. One who has attained spiritual enlightenment without drugs, and banal arguments and getting rid of the aggravating circumstances, understood life.

8. Success — the achievement of material prosperity and the accumulation of effort, emotional balance — the ability to use these nishtyak

Prosperity for many is happiness. Now dudes and girlfriend figure out what to say something that gives you materialistic preferences, at least soulless. So say they now will work to achieve, to cheat, to stay, to risk the health and the nervous system, but when you have material means in the envelope, just be fucking happy on the beach in Goa or Thailand, promesas from some guru and absorbing the spicy dishes. But they eventually realize that emotional balance comes not from the fact that you have a place where you can retire with a cool «plasma», a brand new Xbox and a bottle of expensive alcohol, and how you can use your resources and what you have. Because, if you do not know how, all these achievements will not make you happy any weight. Also, do not forget that the expectations, in fact, shitty.

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