Emotional burnout is the disease responsible people

manygoodtips.com_29.05.2014_KNkAogBfXOR9PMeet on clothes, escorted to the mind and career success, they are considered an attribute of the identity took place, the only worthy of respect. In the pursuit of success at work workers computer and phone so deeply immersed in the process of receiving the money and skills that lose touch with the real world, human values and ourselves. This is called emotional burnout.

What do you mean «burn»?

For this word there is no single definition, but it was coined long ago, in the 70-ies of the last century psychologist Herbert Freudenberger. Freudenberger, and his colleague Gail North have uncovered twelve stages of burnout:

1. The desire to prove its own solvency, exorbitant ambitions.

2. The incentive to work more.

3. Neglect of personal needs.

4. The displacement of the conflict.

5. The change of values, a sense of self-worth is based on the work.

6. The denial of problems, the belief that others are lazy.

7. Cuts in social interactions.

8. Changes in behaviour noticeable to others.

9. Loss of contact with yourself.

10. Inner emptiness.

11. Depression.

12. Emotional burnout (manifested on the mental and physical level).

Stages do not always follow each other in the following order. Some pass through all 12 steps, while others feel only selective symptoms. The reaction always starts work stress — the constant pressure of deadlines or bosses.

Emotional burnout occurs when high demands and stress causes us to use their physical and mental abilities to the maximum and to cope with difficulties. We erroneously think, though with all the difficulties can be overcome. Worst of all, in recent years, from burnout suffers from more and more people.

In a crisis leaders reduce the state, and the load falls on the shoulders of a smaller number of employees. They feel responsible to his superiors and did not dare to say no for fear of being fired. They agree to do any work and preserve your workplace do anything.

The point of no return

When a person finds the strength to admit that he was emotionally burned out, it is too late. By that time he already refuses to social interactions and he has difficulty sleeping, any little thing can bring him out of himself. The only thing he wants to work more and better, like all the others around (at least it seems so). It is much easier to force yourself to work more than to admit that actually he needed a break.

Everyone from time to time need to rest. Constant stress stimulates the synthesis of hormones adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol. They block a person’s ability to properly process information and harm his health.

When we say break, we mean 15-minute walk around the corridor. We’re talking about a full weekend. The body needs time to cope with stress or at least to disconnect from it, and the physical and moral forces need time to stop. You lost them not for a day, and their recovery also will take time.

Here are the advantages of the output:

  • you break out of a stress cycle;
  • you restore relationships with loved ones;
  • you look at the world in new ways;
  • do you restart the brain.

Let’s call a spade a spade

With this many problems. We do not know how ourselves, considering that a very busy or powerless to change something. Neither that, nor another is not true.

Write down on paper all the factors that cause you stress. Any honest. Next to each stressor, write how you could reduce it. We’ve learned to ignore stress, so paint it in colors first chance to give his brain to understand that the process has begun.

It also helps to establish the main reasons for their dissatisfaction. Find the main source of stress is the first step to defeat it.

Ask for his help. It’s not easy, especially for those who never knew how to admit that can’t handle the task alone. If you ask for help, it does not mean your incapacity, stupidity or worthlessness. Here’s what you can do:

  • honestly tell yourself what you need and why;
  • think about who could help you in the best way (friend, family, doctor, user forums);
  • get help in the future do so always.

Our fear of rejection often does not allow us to seek help, but research shows that we should not be afraid of this. People deny each other much less than we think. Anyway, people like to help. They like to feel needed — so everyone wins.


When you realize that you have started emotional burnout, will have no choice but to start all over again. Someone quits his job, takes a leave of absence or does not agree to new projects. It is difficult to say what choice is right for you, but you can minimize the level of stress as possible:

A task anyone can. If you’re spinning like a squirrel in a wheel, you probably think it helps you love other people. This is not so. Instruct others everything that can be charged.

Say «no» and do not deviate. It helps you not to dive right in even deeper. You might realize that all too often accepted without thinking how it will affect you. Make yourself to understand what will be the consequences of ill-considered consent.

Sleep. Six hours will not save you. You need all eight to the body and mind were ready for a new day.

Find time for yourself. And again, there’s nothing to argue about. One day should remain for you: sports, reading, Hobbies.

Following these steps, try to slowly reintegrate work back into your life. Compared to you always perform the work with its goals. Never believe the enticing inner voice that will convince you that it is worse. Not oriented to those working more than you, and don’t think can do that. If you are not able to be like someone else, there is nothing wrong.

The worst emotional burnout — a sense of loss himself. Find a way to be yourself every day and do what you love.

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