Emily Di Donato

Summer is over, but we are not going to stop to publish sexy models in bikinis. Them heat as before, and us with them hot. Whom we here laid up to the end of the week… mm, Yes this is Emily Di Donato. Yes, her Boobs are certainly not the biggest, but if the chest is beautiful, you won’t need to. Very cute girl. What do you think?

By the way, Emily hails from the glorious new York. She was lucky to be born in the city from which to start my modeling career most catwalk beauties. Emily long is not pulled with the choice of profession and already in 17 years, just decided that will be the model. She was immediately able to contract with cool firm Guess, maybe you’ve heard of this. Commercials with her twist around the world, because she’s only recently turned 23 years old.

You don’t even need to tell you that you need to assess her skills of posing in front of the camera, do it.

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