Elementary: clear and interesting video about physics

If technical education bypassed your side, most of the knowledge about physics you got from school, but the school did not teach exciting, and physics seemed strange and very complex subject. But now we know that it is not. If among scientific disciplines was the rock-n-roll, then it undoubtedly would be physics. Every day she surprises, we undermined the tower and having to say: «This can’t be!» and in fact, it may even be. Just look at the reading that we found you.

You can move in space with the help of intestinal gas?

The title of the video sounds very yellowish, but what can you do: otherwise the educational channels you physics is not interested. Fortunately, the video is given a lot of useful information about how is it possible to move in space. Gaza is just an excuse that makes you want to watch this movie, while around them is the whole conversation.

But scientists are not the first to seem silly questions to find reasonable answers. Science itself is a series of answers to silly questions that appear in your head. In General, watch the video and learn how far you will fly on fuel from pea soup.

The moon on the Elevator?

Another stupid problem that requires immediate solution. But scientists are already tired of receiving letters with that endless question, and so they decided to tell me how hypothetically they should be arranged in the Elevator that takes you to the Month. Especially warms the soul that tells us about «the Elevator» is not the ubiquitous British scientists, and domestic, which this question is, of course, amused as we are.

But they decide to approach it seriously, so in this video you will see the exact calculations, reasoning about the possible material, the Elevator speed, and so forth. And that’s why you need a lift to the moon — it is quite another question.

Your body: the particles that you do not think

You’re a big boy and should know what fundamental particles. If not, we’ll show you: the fundamental particles — the quarks, leptons, bosons and photons. In fact, the study of these particles do all the advanced physics. For example, for these purposes, was built at CERN and a bunch of other experimental laboratories.

Why is it so important? These particles allow us to understand the universe, to confirm a physical theory to determine the system that created all that we see around us. In the same video explains how particles interact with our bodies and what is going on with our body from the point of view of modern physics.

The General theory of relativity

It’s a shame not to know about it, though we ourselves know very little. You can certainly read all the works Anstey and after see our text about gravitational waves to understand the importance of not so long ago opening.

You can, but if you don’t have time, you see a clear explanation from the doctor of physical and mathematical Sciences Akhmedov, Emil. In 11 minutes he manages to talk about how changing the laws of physics in different reference systems, what is the physical meaning of the curvature of space and much more. Much less entertaining than in past videos, but more science for serious masters.

7 perpetual motion

Complete our selection of very important video about «perpetual motion» — the phantoms that assail the minds of many people. Each of the seven presented in the video «perpetual motion» may not withstand caustic, but clever scientific criticism. The authors of the movie explained from the standpoint of physics, why a perpetual motion machine — a marketing ploy and not a real working machine. Informative video that tells that there is nothing eternal in this world can not be.

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