Electronic music that will appeal even to fans of the genre


For electronic music of the people regard as PizzaHut after she adverted Gorbachev — cautious, not all understand that many prefer more traditional genres. But the elecro style is so labored a variety of styles that has been a natural symbiosis with other genres. Simply put, the elecro style everywhere, and with 60s. don’t rush curve, there are artists and songs that will appeal to all, even those people who strenuously pretending that nothing but the classics of their sensitive souls can’t hurt.

The partial list in the history of electronic music. So, we tried to put framework — «an interesting and unusual elecro style», and have included Indy trip-hop, but still something to write about everyone who deserved mention, not physically impossible. The author pleads for mercy and forgiveness, shyly offering to enjoy what is listed here in this list.

1. Geneva Jacuzzi

Absolutely crazy girl, starting with alias and ending with clips and texts. The female version of John mouse, a close friend of Ariel Pink, which, in fact, not trying to hide. Many believe it is the best representative of today’s fashionable wave girls on synths. Still, for all its atonal spacey-sintipop which mixed cheap retrofuturism and vulgar antiquity that sounds very special. Ominous sound, which has a bit of freak, Orff operas and licensing of Roman orgies blends perfectly with its insane clips that were filmed psihbolnymi on behalf of Andy Warhol and Timothy Leary and released on the old VHS (because sometimes it seems that watching the performance Allegrova at the «Song of the year-90»). And yet, this lady is fascinating.

2. Steve Reich — it’s Gonna Rain

How about music that can move the mind? Please listen to Steve Reich — one of the ideologists of musical minimalism. Its strange, sometimes beyond the awareness and understanding of the composition played even Symphony orchestras, but the most glorious crazy not to naudet, the violin not to NoScript. It’s Gonna Come Out, Rain was recorded on an interesting principle. The beginning and the end of the film with recorded human speech are glued together, forming a loop. This entry in the future indulged in a circle in both channels with a constantly changing offset, so it came out a phase shift. Next, the composition was not added, no new voices, and only gradually imposed subsequent effects. For 12 minutes this hypnotizing trip sound with the human voice turns into a futuristic arcade. It turned out such minimal techno for 30 years before the emergence of the genre. Now for a mouse, and then, 65 had a lot of trouble to achieve the desired effect.

If you live to 12 minutes in good health, you will hear a sound instead of a broken vinyl that is crazy that resembles a choir of screaming Tasmanian devil from the cartoons, Modestov from «Town» and aggressive psychos who would write in outer space. In any case, until the mouth will foam, his head drawn space landscape.

3. Suicide — Rocket USA

Almost died a month ago, Alan VEGA, half of loud and not sickly impact on the entire musical culture of the Duo with a cheerful name Suicide. VEGA sang, and the other half of the team — Marty Roar on a broken Farfisa organ issued a monotonous, often dark but awkwardly striking keyboard riffs. Sounding especially the early «Suicide» is able to surprise so far. Suicide became a kind of prototype for the impending «new wave»: one guy behind the synth, the second — alienation howling into the microphone. Only if someone has it turned out ridiculous, VEGA Roaring incredibly harmonious. Gentle, erotic, almost feminine voice Alan added mystery extensive reefs and the amazing crackle and hiss. But they called almost the first electronic punks. It is clear in spirit, because stylistically it was rather some kind of Blues-rock under the pressure of electronic oppression.

4. Xiu Xiu — Lawrence Liquors

Crazy gurgling synths interspersed with monotonous, hysterical percussion — Xiu-Xiu (pronounced «Shu-Shu»). One should not wonder why its vocalist Jamie Stewart screaming so hysterically. This man actually sang about how vehemently he hates, and their desire to brutally rape the American President.

Their peculiar reflections on the theme of human existence still attract a network of misfits of all stripes: from owls and Chichkanov, to majors hipsters, infantile Imbeciles, and politicized young men and women who fight for rights, including minorities. In 2010, Xiu Xiu recorded a cover of the Joy Division album «Unknown Pleasures», which is very ironic furnished nagging Ian Curtis. Indeed, Stewart and some woman is gorgeous.

5. Pahom and Vivisector — Flambe ass of Lucifer

Strange to see the Pahom in the same list with electronics, but if you think about it, all quite logical. In their work with the Vivisector mixed bag of genres and style, however, there was a electronic songs.

The Pahom, nothing has changed: life is funny carnival. Groin in the way of a fool earlier perekryvaet disco, while Vivisector makes music ranging from sand electroclash, Homeric techno, ghostly rockabilly or mutated into something strange. Groin yelling bad voice drunk couplets, aloof read fables or shouts lyrics like «Hands on horror’s head, Nagisa Bach, and hands him a Bang, and broke my arm!». However, all critical and relevant. Their new album Arcadia is another traditional explosion of the brain under good music under the guidance of a very strange, entertainer, singer and akyn at the same time.

6. Xeno & Oaklander – Blue Flower

It is necessary to dilute the collection with something gentle, beautiful, ephemeral and sensitive. Some minimal wave Duo, where entwined love for analogue synths and an incredible melody of the soul.

When stopping the Franco-norwegenkai with a small face Liz Wendelbo and American Sean McBride combining the common view of the world somehow just found the strength in order to create a conceptual retrospective album.

Their aloofness, coldness, philosophical, cinematic, and amazing work on the sound, creating their character, gaining an army of fans and makes them stand out from the crowd. Disturbing motives, riffs from the 80’s, the overall melancholy and the crisp sound of steel is very fashionable and relevant. Their retrofuturism seems as relevant as ever and fresh.

The clip, by the way, Amateur, filmed one very talented guy from our country. But he emphasizes infernal anxiety and beauty of music.

7. Fad Gadget — Collapsing New People

Unfortunately, Frank Tova, speaking under the pseudonym Fad Gadget 14 years died. But without that foolish boy with a beautiful aristocratic face there would be modern electronic music. Nonprofit Depeche Mode, which is expressive and melodic reefs everywhere sharpened blades, broken glass, and everything that cuts, catches, picks. Tova only used two «live» tool: the drill and the human voice; everything else made synthesizers. Out experimental electronic rock that draws on elements of post-punk and early industrial, but the Tova is still considered one of the most significant cult figures in the early post-punk.

8. Kraftwerk — Metropolis

Kraftwerk — German rather not group, and «organization». Actually, «Organisation», and was called Krautrock-team that influenced and many times asked the direction of all electronic music, about how war changes history. They played and Krautrock, and conceptual electronic pop music, and one of the first changed real percussion to electronic, and always managed to deftly mix the conceptual and the experimental.

In the 70s they dominated the genre like no other. Fully synth arrangements, musical minimalism and robotic vocals bribed and attracted attention. Their influence on the emergence of such genres as Synth-Pop, Hip-Hop and Electro you can compare those advantages and disadvantages that parents teach their children. And that’s what amazes, monotonous tapping of synthesized percussion and looped melancholic melodies with the cutting calm vocals surprised and seemed unusual in the 70s and nowadays.

9. Röyksopp — Happy Up Here

The Norwegians Röyksopp was formed in the early 2000s, and first wrote the music for Infected Mushroom. And then decided that they themselves are capable of more. Thus began a life of seclusion in the Studio and attempt to write something worthwhile. It turned out much more interesting and varied than during the «mushroom.» Some of their songs disturbing as the chase, some boldly and unashamedly pop, and some surprisingly fun and relaxed. And so I can’t tell you.

10. Massive Attack — Girl I Love You

The pioneers of trip-hop in its history, who not only sang like somehow only movie soundtracks are not written — article is not enough to describe everything. Monotonous bass and occasionally there are bursts injected into a blissful trance better than any of portished. This is the soundtrack of Alice, lost in Wonderland, Neo caught in the Matrix, Hedgehog, realizes the truth in the fog. All is well, if not come to sing «Everything is going according to plan.» Don’t know what song — do not touch that creature! And sing with the old, like Horace Andy, whose voice is laced with feminine notes of welcome.

11. Charles Dodge’s — He Destroyed Her Image

Charles Dodge is not a musician, and one of the few men of his time, engaged in research in the field of computer music. His first album, 1970 earth’s Magnetic Field recorded using sounds generated using modulation data obtained as a result of the analysis of the magnetic field of the earth. Everything is so difficult. On the second disc, Synthesized Voices it decomposes the human voice on the tiny components and restores it with the changes in tone and timbre. In short, the avant-garde from a scientific point of view. If the sounds like «Yao siiii. otropogo. API. Aoaaoa» and nothing else (no notes normal word) correspond to your musical preferences — welcome to the patifon.

12. Anton Maskeliade

Add a little our, native, not one of the Pahom to enjoy. Here’s to you Anton Maskalides — electronic musician-experimenter, winner of the Kuryokhin prize and one of the first artists in the world that control music and videos using gestures with the leap motion technology.

Fans of the genre know well Anton, after all, the man has performed at Glastonbury, Fusion, played in Europe and in America. And all because of an innate desire for innovation does not boil the pot. In his tracks Maskalides blends acoustic indie-folk with IDM, and as if one dissolves in the other. Ephemeral fragments make his music memorable and consistent. it is necessary to guess, to use in the composition screams «Arab spring». He is at the forefront in pop music, and his performances of that musical, audio-visual masterpiece. Talented and sweet to the soul, I recommend!

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