Elecom projection keyboard TK-PBL042BK for smartphones is a perfect solution for men who like to chat

Recently, the Japanese company Elecom announced the launch of a new projection keyboard TK-PBL042BK for mobile devices.

The device fits any flat surface. Connecting to a PC, smartphone or tablet by using USB or Bluetooth. Built-in rechargeable battery provides the user up to two hours with a virtual keyboard. Charging takes place when connected to the USB port.

Projection corresponds to the keys of standard size with a distance of 19 mm between centres. The sensor monitoring the movement of the fingers that can recognize up to 350 «taps per minute. In addition, there is a mouse mode, in which the surface of the table mimics the touchpad (not for iOS).

Unit dimensions are 38 x 29 x 75 mm, weight – 77 g (without battery). The cost projection keyboard is $ 350. A little expensive, but if you do, man, send SMSes or hang out at the social.networks via a smartphone, you should shell out.

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