El Presidente Jose and his wise words

We are far from leftist ideas, but this guy we like. Name this controversial President Jose Mujica and he is the man who changed our perception of public servants of similar rank. Despite the fact that he has long been in prison, lived among the revolutionaries and even stayed on the bottom of the cave 2 years, he still embodies the same spirit of freedom and democracy, which was abandoned in Athens. Looking at the history of his life, one begins to realize that he eke out a pretty dreary existence, where there is neither heroism nor of the present civil spirit of patriotism. If every tenth official was soaked with thoughts of Jose, probably, no one would have wanted to bring down this country, even if we fought the whole world.I want to share his thoughts with you, and he was very pleasant to the ear. You can, of course, be considered their usual chatter politics, but in his case, this chatter is confirmed by his own example. So who is josé Mujica? Former President of Uruguay, who was famous for his poverty? The most outstanding humanist of our time? Or Diogenes that was reborn in the image of the good-natured Uruguayan? I hope you will find useful his thoughts and apply them to your own life.

About restraint

I spent over 10 years in solitary confinement. I had the time… In 7 years I have not opened a single book. It gave me time to think. And here’s what I found: either you are happy managing small and not loading themselves beyond measure, because happiness is inside you, you will not come. This is not an excuse of poverty. It is a justification of restraint.Some things we can not come immediately, but sooner or later it will have to do. Jose Mujica fought against the dictatorship, for which he received a decent time. But dictatorship, as you know, doomed to failure from the start. The time that Jose has spent in hostages of the regime, made him stronger and, perhaps, enlightened.

About loss of freedom

We came up with a mountain of excessive needs. You must constantly buy, throw away… It is our life that we break. When I buy something or when you buy something, because we don’t pay money. We pay those time of our life that has been forced to spend to earn that money. The only difference is that you cannot buy life. Life just passes by. And it’s a shame to waste his life the loss of freedom.But the real loss of freedom Mujica believed not in prison, and the slavery of money. While Jose was not the enemy of the market itself. You just need always to divide excess and the needs that surround us. Perhaps if we free ourselves from excesses, we begin to live much better? Especially scary to remember for centuries working people who die in the workplace, and find his joy in the purchase of some new gadgets.

About death

At first I was making the peasantry. Then I began to fight for change and improve life in my community. Today I’m the President. And tomorrow, like all others, I’ll be a lot of larvae and disappear.This is one of the few state leaders who openly declares his atheism. Pretty bold position, given that a large part of Uruguay Catholic. But, unlike many atheists, he acknowledges the freedom of choice in this regard and refers to life as something ending once and for all. If we imagine that there will be nothing, you can, and let us live with dignity?

About love of life

I know the frustration, several injuries, a few years in prison. Well… Routine for those working to change the world. I miraculously still here. And above all I love life.Despite the horror that inhabited this world, it is necessary to appreciate life. In our existence there are many moments for which we are ready again to pass through the flame, ice, and all the trials that fate sends us all these years. And if life is finite, then it might be worth it to get involved?

A simple solution

Uruguay is a small country. The President has no presidential plane. We don’t really need it. We decided to buy from France a very expensive helicopter with the current block and the paraphernalia to put it in the Central part of the country. We bought a presidential plane, but the helicopter set in the center of the country to rescue victims of accidents, to assist in emergency situations. It’s so easy! You see this dilemma? The presidential plane or a rescue chopper?I think I know who this dilemma does not see. Unfortunately, we have to do nothing. If you want to change, cultivate a man with a similar, quite simple, but fair system in the head. Needs to educate a new generation of people who will take the initiative in their hands, as once Jose took the lead. A lot of the way of temptation, more than in any other sphere. What will we do?

About luxury

I do not advocate a return to the caves or straw huts. Not at all. It’s not that. What I am advocating? To end it with a wasteful, unnecessary costs. From luxury homes that require the use of half a dozen servants. What is all this? For what?Look around you at your room, look at the things that surround you. And then think about who you are and what you want to do for yourself, family, world. If you need all these things to make the dream a reality, or, on the contrary, it only distracts you?

About modern politicians

If we continue with our monarchy, our feudal Lordships, with our vassals, dudeski horns, when the owners go on the hunt… For all this we would be left in the dark Ages. Why was the revolution? In the name of equality and other things. All these presidential mansions is almost the same.No, the monarchy was its splendor, and Mujica us not dissuade. However, our Uruguayan friend rightly said, the root of all evil in the modern political system. Unfortunately, the situation in such a way that we are used to it, take for granted.

About scars

The pain I have known, no one will fix it. No it will not erase. We must learn to wear your scars, move forward, looking to the future. Until I commit myself to healing my wounds, I can’t go forward. For me life is always ahead. Important tomorrow.Can’t add anything. Jose got right to the point, and our thoughts coincide with his. Time, our reader, not so much released, and empty romp with his past could go very badly for you. In addition, all our scars – the result of experience. And the experience, and you know it always complements your personality.

About the past

I say, shout, as a rule, you need to remember not to repeat the past. I know man! The only animal that stumbles over 20 times on the same stone. Generation learns from its own experience, not someone else’s. I do not idealize the person. What can we learn from the example of others? We learn from what they have completed. This is my Outlook on life. I do not have anyone.A lot of talk about what we need to learn from the mistakes of the past. The trouble with this approach is that the past, as the society in the past, very different from what we have at the moment. And it makes no sense to talk about these things, because the treatment of those years can be a poison for the present. Such politicians often forget that they say on TV about tradition.

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