It was a bribe.yak.ua_2.12.2013_HU4D4xiDOfesS

Eggs — delicious, balanced and healthy Breakfast. At least boil them, though fry — the result is excellent: high in protein and other beneficial elements. In addition, eggs are used in many recipes. Very useful thing, which is always needed and that… sudden end… Yeah, dude, that’s a problem, especially when it happens suddenly and you have not Breakfast in the morning or early in the morning to go to the convenience store for eggs on Sunday. But you could buy eggs in advance, when I was in the store and saw them on display. That’s just the trouble: you didn’t know that they end. But this gadget lets you know exactly how many eggs you have in reserve. Connecting with the app on the iPhone, it shows the exact number. Clever and awesome idea.


However, the price bites — 94 dollars! I just better remember.

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