Einstein will teach you how to live

manygoodtips.com_15.10.2014_OAhD5wccOHMrnSometimes you lazily trying to find the hero of our magazine the face of that man, to take an example. And your choice will entirely depend on your life priorities, tastes and goals.

We know one of those men, which you should be if you decided to become superumnym a pioneer. Of course, it’s albert Einstein. He was only 22 years old when he went to his first journey on foot. He was wandering in the Alps because he wanted to find out some hidden side of their fascinating nature.

Throughout his life Einstein sought a harmony not only in science but also in the human world. The whole world wanted to know more about albert, but for most it remained a mystery. You know that out of his mouth flew a lot of clever ideas, so, if you contact them, you can read the real soul of genius.

Now we will show you some resonant quotes Alberta that you might find the answers to some important questions.

1. «I have no special talent. I’m just incredibly interesting.»

What you will learn this phrase? Nothing, probably, if you’re still lying on your favorite comfortable couch. We are sure that you no less interesting than Einstein, you’re not just trying to appease their curiosity. It just eats you up inside, and you stand like a submissive bitch.

Einstein became famous because of his thirst for knowledge, he will be remembered at all times precisely because he followed his gnawing worm inside. You now wonder, how’s your ex? Did you get called! Of course, you’re a fool, you can perform only the most insignificant of their desires… aren’t you curious what it’s like to be a millionaire?

2. «It’s not because I’m so smart. I just solve the problem to the last.»

Teaches you that perseverance is priceless. This is what enabled Einstein to make a revolutionary discovery. It’s time for you to become one of the people who don’t do anything halfway. If started, then bring it to the end.

If deadlocked, then don’t be afraid. Try to look at the problem from a different angle, try again, still… Yeah, will have to sweat a little, but the result will justify the work. Sooner or later you’ll find the solution, the main thing — not to stop. There is nothing outstanding that went the easy way. What kind of person you are, if you can live a normal life, knowing that the problem is not yet solved.

3. «The man who never made a mistake never tried anything new.»

This does not mean that by making mistakes, you follow the path of Einstein. Although it would be nice. You’d definitely be able to beat him. Unable to go to work in the North, but never know how it is, if you stay to live in Moscow or any other more favourable city.

You never know what your weaknesses if you don’t make mistakes. You will never know the impact force of the father, if you do not come home drunk in the morning. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake, you are, in fact, for this and live. As practice shows, the mistakes of others after all no one learns.

4. «The secret to creativity — the ability to hide their sources of inspiration.»

If the school or uni had to write an essay on the topic «My recipe inspiration», I hope that you have enough sense not to give it all away just like that. We don’t want to raise you as a Jew: you have to understand that there is no help and not need to spend valuable ideas without much incentive.

If, in order to fulfill the mandatory plan at work, you need once a week to go to the forest to look for a pair of hedgehogs, not to mention this secret to anyone. Believe me, for you it could end badly.


5. «Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience.»

Although parents have always said otherwise, right? They always asked you to learn from the mistakes of others, however, said that you need a school certificate and school diploma. It turns out that parents are sometimes wrong. And you know, I wanted to say Einstein, you’re a grown man.

It is useless to tell you that the relationship will result in disappointment — sooner try to touch the woman, macbreakfast Nesmachniy/delicious — still want to check it out in person. And rightly so — because experience counts.

6. «You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you’re going to play better than anyone else.»

This is what our cozy manygoodtips.com in which we are always happy to see you. You’re life will teach some rules, like it or not. But will not work here stupid cramming, like in school: you must pass each level of the game with a cool head and collected thoughts.

If you learn to accumulate experience, which is issued after each passed test, then you’ll always be one step ahead. To learn the rules it does not mean to live like everyone else, and be afraid to retreat a little to the side. If you’re one of the best players, you can customize the game by yourself and you’d have to write their own rules.

7. «Imagination is everything. Imagination more important than knowledge.»

Imagination is a 3D movie in your head, just the plot and script to build yourself. It is best to develop imagination, knowledge, experience and, of course, reading. The most vivid impression, of course, you’ll get in fiction. Although, maybe voobrajenie works well with blogs.

Imagination enables us to create a visual picture of possible variants of your life. Hmm, but what if today you try to steal this one in the supermarket? Or what can happen if you don’t come home to sleep tonight? The girlfriend will be angry? And what was she even capable of?

In fact, you’d be able to formulate such a wise and practical sayings. But to you it was already done albert, so it remains to thank him again to reconsider their behavior, actions, life. Well, once again we will prepare for the fact to tell you some new rules of the game.

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