Eight months erection

Young risk from unprotected sex

This title sounds almost as epic as «one Hundred years of solitude» or «Twenty thousand leagues under the sea». But actually the story is quite sad, dude.

44-year-old truck driver named Daniel not to be envied. The man decided to gather money and put in the implant member to enhance the effect. Personally I never liked this idea, to be honest, it is pointless and dangerous. Then the fun began. Our hero got amazing superpowers — constant erection. At first it he kind of liked it, but then he realized that not everything is as sweet as it seems. Dude had to wear baggy pants, he’s lost sensitivity. This continued for eight long months.

But all you have to pay, and after 8-month boner the guy began the most unpleasant. After extraction of the prosthesis in 2010, four months, one «perfect» moment, our hero woke up and realized that because of the infection his scrotum grew to the size of a volleyball. Now our hero is suing the doctor set him up with a prosthesis. Let’s wish the guy good luck!

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