Egg: to have or not have?

eggsYou have it or you don’t, no middle ground.

Maybe you had earlier — in a sense. And then you lose. Eggs are not permanent. Of course, between your legs might have something to say, but that’s another story. Hanging a biological feature of male, which gave you nature, here your participation is not required. There is another understanding of eggs, with which you cool dude.

Everything is not Pushkin. It eggs. They affect every pacadou change in our lives since birth. You’re lucky if the eggs you got from childhood: a rare happiness! Because they usually grow much later, if at all grow, and they get us to a daunting price: scars, wounds, bruises, and bumps.

How do I know? And I’ll tell you. For a very long time I had no eggs. Like most people, I was not born with them. Moreover, I was big and a nasty rag and the world is infinitely laid me on the shoulder. I think he is even tired. This went on for many years.

But I have no regrets. In fact, quite the contrary. I’m happy with this. Why?

All this helped me to get eggs and start to appreciate them. Yes, it was. So, for a while I was depressed. But now that band is over, and when I woke up from a rag of suspended animation, they were already in front of me. In the presence of such metaphorical eggs just to be sure.

Often her friends even more eggs than males because they fight for it day by day. Men know that they have this wealth birth, and therefore don’t feel the need to work on myself.

The truth about eggs

Fact first

Eggs — this is the medal. You can get them only one way — to earn. As soon as you appear, they become your integral part. If you don’t have them, get them seems like an impossible task — but it just seems.

You can’t be eisenson from birth. They are not transmitted from generation to generation. They cannot inherit or buy. Only gifted people can bless others with eggs.

Therefore, you need to understand that you can’t just take and grow them until they begin to behave as if you have it! That’s what is really important. Put it right on his forehead.

The fact that the second

In any aspect of your life will not prevent more eggs. The choice of clothing, words, and decisions — all require gigantic eggs. Everybody’s waiting for you resolutely come forward, and only eggs will get you out of obscurity and stagnation.

Just what the hell these balls? Sounds like a noun, but really it is more of a verb, the eggs can be practiced. Every day when you see what you want to do, do it immediately, as if the eggs already in front of you. Easy to overcome any fluctuations, and it will be easy to do all those things that you need.

Here’s an example. I talked to my dad in almost a year. Then still decided and wrote him an e-mail. I am better now. It’s your turn.

The fact that the third

A very important fact, so I need your attention. In fact, the difference between the excessively cool dude and so-called normal guys is very small. There are many almost demostenov, have to asshole almost Yves Saint Laurent, is the roof almost Amiramov. But these those people, without «almost» exactly one person.

Why am I saying this? Because in all circumstances the effects of the scarcity of eggs is the same: the lack of results. Only it is not necessary now to think with you for the rest of your days nothing will happen. Nothing of the sort. A few always possible, but it happens very rarely, because no one fucking wants to work!

The fact the fourth

Every day, thousands of people donated to give others their own eggs. Eggs cannot take away: it does not happen. No, they lose their own will and hand of another person or institution. If you’re observant, you can even see it happening!

Many people think that the life is gradually disappearing from human aging. Over time, it starts to weigh more and more things, people and opportunity: children, mortgage, family, other sorrows.

However, nobody says that actually, when someone has taken on their shoulders a heavy burden, is two things. First, they slowly or quickly) fade away. Secondly, as they become stronger.

Don’t let the first happen to you! All the difficulties use to pump their forces.

The fact of the fifth

The coolest, so he’s at the end. And so you’re going to die one day, so who cares what happens?! This is the most interesting.

You could die in your own bed, not having anything to give to this world. Or you could be like these guys. The choice is yours.

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