Effective idleness: rationalize procrastination

procrastinationYou have a lot to do tonight, and you’re watching as you’re not working? A familiar story. How to avoid the pangs of conscience?

Check mail

In case it’s something important? Public services, messages, e-wallet, or news from friends travelling abroad, who knows? He loves to talk manygoodtips.com the uncertainty is unbearable — need to minimize it, and know exactly how things are going with your correspondence!

Shove the dirty Laundry into the washing machine

This is the real thing. You always need to wash something. You need to wash it!

Call guy have not communicated

How to do household chores and not feel remorse when you have guilt because you have not communicated with his old friend?! How much is consumed, how many negotiations and turned into crap! For the sake of his mental health and conscience-you must now dial his number. You need to clean the brain, to then focus on work.

View VKontakte

It will take you just one second. You can not always only work and never rest! Of course, in the end, you with one swing, watch VIDOS and read interesting news in the feed — but isn’t that was social media invented? Self-development is also good.

Write a tweet

You just read an interesting news Vkontakte — you can share it with the world!

Put all on the places

Nothing surprising in your idleness not: who can work when there is such chaos? The trash in the room is rubbish, so it’s time to get out and clear working space for grandiose achievements. What is not working?

Hang the Laundry

She’s probably already washed. Also quite a lesson: clothes can’t dry by itself.

Write a to-do list

Well, it’s time to seriously take up the case. The main thing — not to forget anything. We suggest to you to write a list of all upcoming Affairs in order. Is it so much? You can reread and cross out some points: you probably overestimate yourself. Besides, linen already washed, you can make a discount.

Look for the program organizer

A very handy thing: put all your things, and then make, zero, and yet it is you and reminds. At the same time download a shopping app to make lists before going to the store. And then you can find some interesting game, and then Flappy Bird was removed before you had time to download it.

Take a NAP

Incidentally, a NAP makes you omnipotent, and you know it! You’ve done so much already and deserve to relax. Then you work twice as efficient.

Do yourself coffee

After sleep we need to Wake up.

Prepare food.

Survived: did you drink coffee on an empty stomach, and mother you for that compliment. Normal dude prepares their meals to normal there. Forward.

Order food

Yes, well, cooking. Why? Look how gorgeous the pizza on the website suggest.

To watch a new series of something there

All discussing it, and you still have not seen. Moreover, you’re going to eat — so will combine the two cases.

And indignation to Google procrastination

And how much can be avoided? Need to know how to deal with this overwhelming idleness! Someone must know how to overcome it. Probably this way you got here. We have the tips.

To think, it is impossible to reschedule tomorrow’s deal

Well, you don’t have time, you can leave thoughts about today. Maybe tomorrow morning to get up early? You’re already in the stress of knowing their own weaknesses. You rest tonight, early to bed, and tomorrow with new forces will take over the case.

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