Edgar Allan PoE: exploring the dark side of the human mind

manygoodtips.com_10.06.2015_E8bmdyfXOwCFUThere is no loneliness more frightening than the loneliness in a crowd.

Edgar A. Forthe Future poet and writer, born in Boston in 1809 and died 40 years after birth. For this relatively short but stormy life, he was able to witness many of the trials that fell on his head.

Edgar Allan PoE is one of those figures in history which without a doubt can be called a part of the Foundation, have shaped contemporary culture and literature in particular. Therefore it becomes strange from the fact that the United States, his birthplace, did not recognize him for the genius. And known he was at best as a literary critic and an editor of several literary magazines. The critic was merciless to his contemporaries, but he could also easily guess a good literary works, which made a greater impression on people.

The best minds of the nineteenth century, including the French poet Charles Baudelaire and the Russian poet Konstantin Balmont, admired the weird poetry of Edgar, by which is largely a culture of decadestwo. Some of the damned poets regarded PoE as their spiritual mentor, and found his thoughts of inspiration. But this is not the only merit of a literary giant. It is education of such genres as the detective, mystery, to some extent, horror and psychological Thriller, is a direct merit of the writer. He’s the godfather to these genres. In Russia, Edgar Allan PoE has always been popular, it spoke well not only Balmont, and Bryusov, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Alexander Blok.

Edgar Allan PoE – the embodiment of ecstasy, «a planet without orbit» in the emerald light of Lucifer, which in the heart of the immense severity and complexity, suffered deeply and died tragically.

Alexander BlokDeepening into the dark depths of the human consciousness is a defining feature of creativity, but there are others. The language of poetry and language of prose writer several different. If the prose is always well measured, several and dry as it seems at first glance, crammed with numerous purely professional definitions, the poetry of Edgar lightweight and conforms to the spirit of romanticism. But romanticism In sad reflection of this poetic style. He in no way can not be compared with the sensual and heroic poems of Byron or symbolic works of William Blake. The usual themes in his poetry is love prematurely deceased beloved, harsh and sad fate, fatalism, death, and something of the deceased.

Poetry is largely inward of the writer, in which he examines his feelings and tries to understand the events that occur or occurred in his life, but the prose had a quite different property: it Edgar Allan PoE tried to comprehend the world around us, it experimented on human passions and studied the sick human mind.

It is difficult to understand the cause of his disaster and rejection of his American readers.

Nobody knew him, what a tale you can connect with the philosophy, he merged in organically whole unity of the artistic mood and the logical results of the highest speculations, combined two colors into one and created a new literary form, philosophical tales, hypnotizing at the same time and our feeling, and our mind.

Konstantin BalmontIn his childhood, Edgar was lucky. The boy was left without parents, he was adopted by a wealthy merchant from Virginia, John Allan. So it was largely devoid of the difficulties faced by other children of his time. Parents spared no expense on the education and entertainment of the young Edgar. He was given the best education available to American, he had his dogs and even a horse of my own. The youth he spent in a prestigious British boarding school, after which he entered the University of Richmond, which was only based. But he studied for only one year and rich life of the future writer was immediately over.

It is no secret that Edgar Allan PoE was no stranger to neither gambling nor drinking. John Allan, his father, could not tolerate the drunken antics of his adoptive son, he also did not pay the gambling debts of Edgar, and that was our departure from home. Card debt, as you know, was considered not just a routine duty, and of honor. What you need to give in any case, if you want to call yourself a gentleman. And no matter how much we were not looking for blame John Allan’s in this conflict, the apogee of which came in the 17 year life of Edgar, we are unlikely to find it. Familiar to many the story is solid in their beliefs of the father, and of the young, makes several mistakes son. Perhaps a negative attitude towards poetry and literature, which took place the father of Edgar, completed the conflict.

Then the writer reminds the adventurous life of a wanderer. Returning to his native Boston, Edgar spent all your money on a collection of poems «Tamerlane and other poems», this collection was a failure. When it became quite tight, he under an assumed name, hired the army, where he served one year, received the rank of Sergeant major. But lack of funds was forced to leave military service and re-asking John Allan for help, which was granted him. However, very soon, Edgar has again gone to a way.

Through blood kinship, he still managed to release your bad collection in the light that hit the stores and libraries. But its success was not expected. After Allan convinced his careless son re-engage in their education. Not without difficulty he obtained for his son place in the military Academy. For only one year, Edgar did everything possible to exclude him, than again ruined my relationship with a caring father.

And it would take too long to describe the relationship with the foster family, but it is necessary to highlight that even after such events John Allan for a long time was allocated certain funds for the life of his son, even though they barely had enough for food.

The rest of your life, despite the fact that Edgar had visited, and prominent critic and editor of several literary magazines, he still could not accumulate the funds that would have helped him to move away from the poverty line.

Perhaps his passion for alcohol, so vehemently described by many writers, indeed, was the place to be, but the words of many friends of the writer, as well as the assurances On this issue suggest that this whole rumor about «alcoholic poet» – no more than the words of enemies, but also just a bad interpretation of the status of the writer.

The situation is thus: in the habits of his, I strongly temperate, and do not neglect any of the natural rules, compliance with which is necessary to maintain health, that is, rise early, eat moderately, drink nothing but water, regularly for long periods of time and exercise outdoors. However, this is my private life – a life of science and literature and, of course, hidden from prying eyes. The desire for taking me only when I am excited by the wine. Then and only then I used to go to friends who rarely see me in a different state, or rather, not seeing never consider itself

it is clear that I am always in it. Those who really know me, know that it is not…

Edgar Allan PoE, letter to the editor of the weekly universeFrom this letter we see the opinion of the writer on the offensive charges of newsdigest. Believe it or not is an individual matter, however, we prefer to believe that everything was this way, as described by its author himself.

His mental and physical strength was overshadowed by the very tragic events. Sweetheart and wife, who also was his cousin, Virginia Terminals, suffered from tuberculosis and was constantly on the verge of life and death. She died at a young age, leaving the poet alone for the rest of his days. So, Edgar Allan PoE tried to fall in love and to love, but he never got the affection he once felt for his cousin.

Big literary success was not seen in the life of a writer, but he published in magazines such as «Burton’s gentleman’s Magazine», «Graham’s Magazine», of which people called it a hoax «Story with air ball», which was published in the popular newspaper «the Sun». Then the editor of the «Sun» directly attacked the crowd of astonished citizens who thought that the story is true.

The sense of verisimilitude has always been the hallmark of the writer. It was achieved thanks to the accurate terminology, as well as several journalistic «reporting» style of writing. The writer does not simply invented stories, he has actively studied those things which are written. He was interested in all sorts of technical intricacies, and also tried to minimize the fiction in prose. The most insignificant, at first glance, the details are skillfully observed For Supervisory and inserted into the stories, which gave them its own, like no other style.

It is difficult to identify something specific, written by Edgar Allan PoE that you can include in the list of «recommended reading», but I’ll try to remember some of his works.

Let poetry now is read not as often as before, but still the poems of Edgar Allan PoE worth reading for the overall development of each. One of them is «the Raven» in the translation of Konstantin Balmont, and others – «Linor» and «Sleeping». They all have a unique atmosphere, and the translation is a true professional.

If you touch the stories, it is very interesting Keg, Maltego», which tells the story of a sweet revenge that the main character brought upon his former friend. «The tell-tale heart», «the pit and the Pendulum», «Man of the Crowd» also have their charm. To describe their intent and the essence means to tell you about the story works, which is a bad tone towards the reader. One thing is for sure: actively used various phobias, which has been subject to himself. For example, he was terrified of being buried alive, and this theme is actively used them in prose. If you look at the writer’s life and his escape from «normality», from teaching in prestigious institutions and various constraints, it becomes clear the source of these phobias.

Edgar Allan PoE died at 40 year of life, the cause of his death is still unclear. Death was preceded by sudden attacks, memory loss, violence, delirium and coma. There are many versions, ranging from alcohol poisoning, sudden attack, an epidemic of cholera to the killing. We only know one thing: October 7, 1849, the great writer did not.

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