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Mud huts and skyscrapers blue – Shine and poverty of Mexico combined in a single unit, only when it comes to tequila and Mexican national cuisine, moveable corn and dollop a large amount of hot fat, which runs down the chin. The combination of Aztec and Spanish cuisine has resulted in dishes eaten by dirty gringos in every second American movie. In our country, of them more heard than spruce. So, compadre, mobile chilli, guacamole and salt lick with shots of tequila, the curiosity of the magazine El gives you recipes of the most notorious dishes, from Mexican Taco to Mexican lasagna. Grab your guitar and prepare food, from which hip Senor will get the outlines of the globe.




– chicken breast – 500 g;

– dark beans – 300 g;

– Chinese cabbage – 200 g;

– spicy tomato sauce and grated cheese – 100 g;

Bulgarian pepper – 1 piece;

– spicy green chili pepper – 1 piece;

onion – 1 piece;

– vegetable oil – 1 piece;

– black pepper – 1 piece;


– cilantro;

– bread-tortillas.


1. Take as tender as a night in Guadalajara, breast, skin, slice them into strips and fry until Browning and tender.

2. Half of the onion and chop the lettuce into strips, slice diced sweet peppers, half hot pepper – rings.

3. Take from the pan finished chicken and lay the sliced onion, Pozzoli it, fry 2 minutes, put hot pepper, roast until Browning, sprinkle with cilantro.

4. Slice the cooled chicken cubes, spread it on the tortilla along with a salad and a roast, roll the tortilla into a tube, margins, spicy sauce on top and sprinkle with cheese.

5. Place the roulade for a few minutes in the preheated oven and bake until then, until cheese melts

6. Put on a warm frying pan the remaining chopped onions and hot and sweet pepper, fry, add beans, stir and put the mixture Sizzling frying as a side dish. While beans and peppers can be added to a burrito with the other ingredients.

Advice to the young boy: if you want to make your burrito it mildly-just don’t add the hot pepper, Oh, and of course, instead of hot sauce, use regular tomato ketchup. But vegetarians can do without the chicken and add to satiety boiled rice.

In Mexico hot, compadre. love to devour a burrito with hearty ground beef. All the same, only instead of chicken mince. But if the stomach does not mind, you can leave both meat component. In actual fact, to cook a meat or a veggie burrito with almost any ingredients to suit your taste, spicy or mild. Some prefer to put in a bundle of fresh greens to the delight of the digestion. In one word, experiment. We brought you the classic, original recipe, but the Mexicans love him constantly to amend and Supplement. Suggest to follow their example.




– beef – 1 kg;

– garlic – 3 cloves;

– sweet pepper – 1 piece;

– red pepper – 1 piece;

– onions – 1 piece;

– Apple cider vinegar – 3 tbsp;

– chili sauce – 1-2 tbsp;

– vegetable oil – 1 tbsp;

– cumin – 1 tbsp;

– honey – 1 tsp;

– red pepper.


1. Portion the meat into thin slices.

2. Mix vinegar, honey and vegetable oil, chili powder or chili sauce, crushed garlic, red pepper, cumin.

3. In the cooked marinade to put the pieces of meat, turn it over so that the marinade covered them from all sides, and leave half an hour or longer for marinating.

4. C onions, do as follows: cut half rings, sweet pepper – julienne.

5. Heat up to 210 degree oven. Evil into the pan the marinade (it still is useful), and the meat laid out on a baking sheet with foil, place on the middle level of the oven and wait 10 minutes. Then turn and bake until done.

6. In drained into the pan the marinade, add the pepper and onion, bring the liquid to a boil and ink for 1-2 minutes. on high heat (do not fill with water, add the vegetable oil and fry for another 5 minutes. under a cover on slow fire.

7. Get out of the oven beef, cool it, slice it into strips, put it in the frying pan to the pepper and onion, put out, but not for long, 5 min, and almost ready podsol yummy. Lay out the prepared mixture of vegetables and meat on lettuce leaves or Chinese cabbage or on tortillas and enjoy. Instead of beef you can use any other meat.




– minced meat – 400-500 g;

a semi – hard cheese – 200 g;

– bread-tortillas – 8 pieces;

– chilli – 1-2 pieces;

onion – 1 piece;

Bank beans in tomato sauce;

– canned corn;

– vegetable oil – 3 tbsp;

– butter – 2-3 tbsp;

– spices (cumin, coriander, black pepper, salt) – how many do not mind, within reason.


1. Grind the onion and fry it together with minced meat in vegetable oil.

2. Hot peppers remove seeds, put the meat in a pan, add corn, beans, coriander, cumin, pepper and salt, cover with a lid and carcase 10-15 minutes. on a slow fire.

3. Heat in another pan the butter, put one tortilla, sprinkle it with grated cheese, gently lay the rest of the filling, natronai (hands, fork – anything), again sprinkle with cheese (the more cheese the better), cover with another cake.

4. Received fry the sandwich until Browning on two sides, only turning once the cheese is well melted and glued the filling, otherwise everything will fall apart to hell.

Serve the quesadilla on the table is hot, it will elegantly fit wine. It’ll allow you to the depths to hit my companero and hope for the happy outcome of the evening.




– beef mince – 400 g;

– ham – 100 g;

– a medium-sized tomatoes – 3 pieces;

Bank beans in the tomato paste;

onion – 1 piece;

– a bunch of parsley;

– Tabasco sauce;

– cheese sandwich in the plates;

– flatbread tortillas;

– ketchup.


1. Mince and fry with a little oil, adding pepper and salted, add the beans together with the sauce and chopped ham. All this beauty mascara 5 minutes.

2. Grind onion, tomatoes and herbs, mix with ketchup, season with Tabasco and podsol the color of blood a mess.

3. It’s time to form a Taco, do it thus:

– on warm cake and put the plate of cheese on it – hot meat filling, and top with the vegetable with ketchup;

– roll the tortilla into a log and, scalding his fingers, absorbed by the dish warm.

Buen profit, man!

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