Easy exercises for smooth spins

Curve back for the guy – on the one hand, good. Because if you have a back arc, then the army will not go. However, then will have to suffer, because the spine is the frame of your flesh! Here, as in the case with any build: if you have problems with the frame, means trouble. In this case, hurt your precious organs. So, lungs, heart, stomach and even all who were fortunate enough to be with him in the neighborhood. And then there is the likelihood of damage to the brain. Spinal cord. Well, of course, the curvature of the spine – only one problem: and then it starts chest deformity. Starts the protrusion of the ribs that can lead to the formation of the rib hump. Moreover, girls do not like curves, and it looks at least not very kosher.

Scoliosis deformation is not only the spine but also the thoracic cage, pelvis, and sometimes the facial skeleton. Suffers muscular-ligamentous apparatus. The point is, when lateral curvature is unevenly stretched muscles on both sides. With the convex side of the scoliotic arc stretched muscles lose their contractile ability. On the contrary, with the concave side they are shortened, pathologically intense. During the course, physiotherapy (physical therapy) stretched muscles are strengthened, and pathologically intense relax. In the end, spine partially or completely aligned. Probably a crazy woman who taught you in school physical education, scared you with all this nonsense that you can’t walk in a normal upright position, if you don’t catch up. By the way, she was partly right. Such distortion is also possible.


So glorious a human orthopedic surgeons, armed with the power of thought, scientific knowledge, the word of God and a force for good, has developed exercises that, in theory, should prevent or curvature, or to heal her. It all depends on when you start to do, before the disease or after. At least it is useful. Trust me, flexible spine is the key to happiness. Malysheva approves of Valentin Dikul claps on the shoulder, and Harry Houdini does nothing because he died. Kabaeva can you not be, but a healthy spine is required to have.

Actually the best way to overcome the distortion is to go to the gym and work with a coach who will be you to control and instruct to deal with the rebellious spine. Finally, it is necessary to take into account the health, age and degree of curvature. But if this is not possible, then figure it out.

In fact, complexes – like flies dacha near the toilet, so feel free to choose your.

For example, this set of exercises helps to maintain muscle tone of the back, abdomen, provides sufficient mobility in the thoracic spine, and also provides for alignment of the posture. It consists of the following exercises:

exercises to straighten spine standing straight, arms down, feet are together performed the breath after inhalation, smoothly lifting up and breathe out. After this bend, not to the bodily frame cracked at the seams, and more gradually inhale, then lean forward and drop the arms, head, shoulders and exhaled. After the exercise return to starting position, repeat 5 times;

– on all fours (and there is nothing humiliating, my stereotypical friend): head straight, Flex your back downwards and hold it in this position for a few seconds. Wise is not necessary to arrange competition of endurance, too. No one is watching. Important to the quality, not the duration of the exercise. Then return to starting position. Exercise repeat 6-7 times;

– prone: arms pulling along our torso, severing the head, shoulders, feet, the maximum caving in. Repeat this exercise 7 times. Resembles a boat. You know why? This is the Shuttle;

– lying on his stomach, the emphasis hands on the floor: bend back, the maximum lifting your body off the floor. Repeat six or seven times. Harder than it looks, but after this exercise, you will feel unknown to you until now, blood circulation;

– sitting on the floor: here, we need to adapt. The left leg bends under him, lean back and start the second leg over the knee of the bent leg, then the left hand take the fingertips of the right leg, right hand pressed to the small of the back (the back of your hand). Hold the position for about a minute. Repeat the exercise, bending alternately both legs. It’s simpler than it seems.


But what is called another level of being, referred to as passive correction of the spine. Everything here is extremely simple.

First is the preparatory phase-walking on all fours in the style of a wild beast with a duration of 2-3 min. Simulating the bear and other animals, you unload the spine.

Then there is the usual walking, walking on toes walking with high knee, walking from behind his head with his hands. In short, regular exercise. Yes, it was still good. Each item plays for 15 sec.

The following exercises performed in the supine position. In this position, hands clenched into fists, and toes while sipping on themselves, i.e. do not try to squeeze his feet into fists, on the contrary, pull the foot to the Shin.

Then his hands apart, palms down. In this position the head is lifted and held in static tension for a few seconds. If you chained to the ground, and you’re trying to look into the eyes of one who runs to you wild boar.

To get his hands behind his head. Bend your knees and make rotary movements by type of Cycling.

Legs closed, hands at your sides. Then move hands and legs by raising them above floor level.

Arms out to the side. Then alternately raise straight legs above the floor surface at an angle of about 450 degrees Celsius and keep them in this position for a few seconds.

All the same can be done lying on the stomach.

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By the way, yoga also cares about your back. Lately, it appears no less opponents than supporters, but if the ancient art gives you only positive things, then here are some exercises.

Sit in the chair, sending a bulge of the spine to the back (the arc of curvature must look at the back of the chair) no matter where scoliosis in the lumbar or cervical-thoracic spine. Put one hand on the back of a chair and the other on his hip.

If you need to straighten the spine in the lower back, then simultaneously press the back of the chair and thigh. Your waist and abdomen will move away from the back of the chair, aligning the spine. Do not think, that for once everything will fall into place. So don’t put too much pressure.

If the curvature in the neck or chest, then gently press the back of the chair, taking off her ribs and upper body. Similarly, with the lower part will be a correction top.

In both cases, try to align both sides of the body from shoulder to hip joints. Breathe smoothly. Hold the position for 10-20 seconds for two weeks, then as much as possible till your eyes will fall sparks.

The same exercises can be done at the wall, and on the floor. In General, yoga is like sex: everywhere and useful.

Don’t be shy exercises with sticks and other projectiles. Take the stick, take turns, make the cuffs, arrange coups – all this has beneficial effects on the back. Oh, and don’t forget the horizontal bar.

The main thing with scoliosis is to strengthen the muscle corset. If you’re a big moose, sports and back, like Robocop, then you should not be. Although in some sports, the acquisition of spinal disease is a side effect. As an example, in the bowling alley. But that’s another story.

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