E-book PocketBook Touch Lux 623

What is important for e-books? Maximum proximity to the brightness, resolution and contrast crisp white pages of paper books. Ease, comfort, speed of switching pages, no traces of erased lines is an important functional properties of books e-ink. In other words, to something as simple as an ebook, too many different requirements that are not important individually, but in General adversely affect the quality of the product. Device PocketBook 623 Touch Lux is a high quality ebook e-ink, which corresponds to almost all the requirements for quality e-books.

The book is in a pleasant color other than traditional black or grey, however they are usually «rewarded» producers. Are the traditional white, gray and black, but there are good books under the tree and brown finish. Unlike most e-readers made of brittle plastic, PocketBook 623 Touch Lux is made from quality materials. The front panel is made of matte plastic, and the rear part, in turn, is optimized for comfortable holding in hands. The book must surely lay in the hands of the producers usually applied to the threads, but the surface PocketBook 623 Touch Lux covered prevents slipping coating soft touch». The device screen E-Ink Pearl HD (1024 x 758 pixels) does not glare in the sun and in the dark to read him as well as in bright daylight. Is responsible for this bright light. Pixel density of 212 dpi, the picture is really more contrast and brighter than on many electronic books, although in fairness it should be noted that there are more impressive displays. Turn pages with buttons or by using the touch screen, which supports touch multi-touch. The system runs on Linux, responsible for the performance of a processor with one core and a clock frequency of 800 MHz. The memory device is not so big — 128 MB. The amount of «native» data storage is 4 GB, but can easily be expanded to 32 GB.

Let PocketBook 623 Touch Lux is not a new model, but it is well optimized, supports many formats and has a high quality screen with great contrast. Estimated price — 7000 rubles.

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