E-book ONYX Boox Newton i63ML


E-book as some people think, is not able to replace a real book that smells of paper. Despite this fact, e — book popular gadget, being sold nowadays. Books on e-ink are improving every day, becoming almost as complex devices, such as tablets. The popularity of this gadget is due to the ease of use, low weight and ability to read virtually any format books. In addition, the e-book pleasing small cost.

ONYX Boox Newton i63ML is a pretty interesting book on e-ink equipped with a touch screen. This model is only available in Russia by device type screen E Ink Carta, which is equipped with multi-touch, and quite pleasant backlight MOON Light. Display good high-contrast — 14:1, which is very important for e-books. The screen size of 6 inches, resolution — 758 x 1024 pixels. For lovers of reading in public transport for ONYX Boox Newton i63ML is anti-reflective coating. The brightness of MOON Light quietly controlled, allowing you to read in any light. If someone used virtual page flipping buttons, ONYX Boox Newton i63ML will appreciate the presence of two buttons that allow you to quickly switch pages. The device runs on old Android OS 2.3.1 is a big plus, because you can install additional programs to read different formats. Built-in Wi-Fi helps to download programs and books directly from the Internet.

For e-books ONYX Boox Newton i63ML enough «smart» device. Processor with a clock frequency of 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM and 8 GB of flash memory expandable up to 32 GB. Energy-intensive battery with a capacity of 1600 mAh provides a month of active work. The book is available in black and dark grey metallic. Estimated value of 6 990 rubles.

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