E-book Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2013 4Gb

manygoodtips.com_25.09.2014_DU7G0Zl4T3EpTE-book will never replace you a naked woman and your paper counterpart, in a beautiful cover and crisp paper. But we keep up with the times and choose for you the best of modern gadgets that will help make your life easier by slightly increasing its quality.

Kindle Paperwhite — e-book, which has an excellent ratio of price and quality, which has become an indispensable gadget for all book lovers.

Bright and contrasting six-inch screen with high resolution, namely 768×1024 pixels, the sensor has a responsive and consistent quality adjustable backlight. The device has a high-quality Assembly, standard microUSB port and the ability to install third-party (Russian) software and customized for the entire interface.


A definite plus is stylish case, support wifi, 4 GB internal memory and a long battery life. For the week, reading 3-4 hours a day with 10-50% backlight the battery spends half capacity.

Many can be attributed to the shortcomings of the lack of certain formats for reading downloaded books, such as fd2, but this disadvantage can easily be eliminated if you download the Converter and for a couple of minutes to rectify the situation.

The question price — about five thousand roubles.

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