E-bar for wine


High technologies are successfully implemented for the convenience of your house, dude. Of course, I don’t think you have a smart home, which pours the beer and singing songs, but a smartphone with a few features you certainly will be.

So why high technology is not able to successfully serve for the benefit of lovers of wine and other such snobs? We do not see the reasons and present you the e-bar for wine. If you spend on a bottle of red or white less than 300 rubles, you will hardly understand why some people carry a bottle of special wine glasses, and leave the wine to breathe and stuff like that. If you are one of those who knows why the wine to breathe, present to your attention an electronic bar to the right of bottling of wine.

Discovery WineStation DYWS4 can maintain a good wine in the open bottle in perfect condition within 60 days. The gadget makes wine that: maintains temperature, protects from the evil sunlight — everything to connoisseurs enjoy a good drink.

The wine is in the environment filled with inert argon gas, which prevents air to interact with the beverage. Bottling wine is very precise: how many want so much and poured. The gadget can store four wine bottles at once. For connoisseurs there are different features: traps odors, all kinds of tips.


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