Dwayne «the Rock» Johnson: actor movies and the ring

manygoodtips.com_9.10.2014_n9CMrIojZsbtlDwayne «the Rock» Johnson – a man of truly unusual talent. We know and love as a charismatic actor and famous wrestler who has not only mountain of muscle, but a ton of charm. Photos from «instagram» in an instant, fly around the network and become a meme, after all, the audience loves it, with any skill he knows how to make fun of himself.

The story of his life began on may 2, 1972 in Hayward (CA, USA). His father, rocky Johnson, and grandfather, Peter Panin, is a professional wrestler, a grandmother of lia Maivia, led wrestling promotion for the Polynesian Pacific Pro Wrestling from 1982 to 1988. Dwayne became a vivid illustration of the saying «the Apple fall far from the tree». He continued the tradition of the men of the family Johnson and followed in the footsteps of their ancestors… But we are running ahead. Code Dwayne entered high school, his family moved to Pennsylvania, namely, in the small town of Bethlehem.

«I came into the gym with his father, took the bar at 62 pounds and tried to squeeze her lying down, and it crushed me — with a smile recalls Dwayne. — I was then 13 years old. I said to myself: «Well, on Saturday I will come again and raise this infection whatever it was». And here all week I just thought about this. In the evening I long to be wrung from the floor — nothing better could not come up with. And what do you think? On Saturday I showed up again in the gym and the bar was crushing me again!»Here he began to play football for the school team and do not forget to visit the section of athletics and wrestling. After he graduated from high school, universities showered him with offers, and Johnson chose the University of Miami, which paid a great athletic scholarship, including the full table of contents. It seems that it all went to the reserves of protein and chicken Breasts. For 4 years, Johnson took to the field in 39 matches, and in 1991 he, along with the football team won the national NCAA championship.

manygoodtips.com_9.10.2014_oT3Uk8BhaLPjdMaybe the world wouldn’t see Johnson either as an actor or as a wrestler, if not for the sudden end of football career, as a result obtained during the College injury. Dwayne graduated from the University in 1995, and if you think that, but to Flex muscles for the camera and destroy the enemy in the ring, he did not know how, we will save you and this imaginary sense of superiority — «the Rock» Johnson holds a bachelor’s degree in criminology and psychology.

Dwayne was not long idle, and he didn’t need years to justify their idleness by the search itself. In 1996 he became a permanent member of the World Wrestling Federation under the guidance of a star of wrestling in those years of Bret HART quickly became one of the best in the profession. At the end of 1996 «won» Marketentry belt, and a few years later and the world champion title, in subsequent years, winning and losing battles in accordance with the scenarios of the WWF. During his career, which has not been completed to date, (not so long ago, he participated in the segment with Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan at «WrestleMania XXX»), he has received many nicknames such as «the people’s champion», «Big», «rocky» and of course «the Rock».


manygoodtips.com_9.10.2014_GrvGBHLSm3coFAs you know, this guy was hard to miss, and it was invited to different TV shooting. The first time he played himself, taking part in malacosoma TV show, but the turning point came when he was offered the role of King of Scorpions, in which he very seamlessly.

«I have long wanted to star in some movie — he says. I was just wondering when will be the appropriate role. And then one fine day the agent called me to the Studio and asked to audition for the lead role in the movie «the Scorpion King». I asked: «what do I have to play?» He said that the need, they say, depict the evil monster who would be horrified viewers. I said, «that’s a coincidence! That’s what I do every day!»


Now on account of his more than twenty successful films with high budget: «Be cool!» and «Doom», «Get smart», «race to witch mountain,» «Tooth fairy», «the fast and the furious 5», «Hercules» and many others.

Despite its busy schedule, he does not give himself breaks in the sport, practicing every day. «Every day I dedicate exactly one hour strength training — he says. — I train according to the method of split-training, pump 1-2 muscles a day.» And the favors he does not give: mnohopocetny regime, supersets, short rest pauses, each exercise ends with a drop-set…

With all this Johnson is a family man and exemplary father. He loves gatherings with friends and family, loves to delight your loved ones with his culinary talents, and fans of great film roles.

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