During an argument the guy presented an exceptional argument

cut off the dick!1370829541

Idiots in the world are many, even argue with this unrealistic (why argue with idiots?)! But this guy is just an exceptional idiot. However, a real jerk!

46-year-old man from Keelung city in Thailand, the passion had an argument with his girlfriend, whose name and age are unknown to us (but we feel sorry for her!). The guy was in a strong drunk, the couple desperately fighting. Wanting to show your wife who’s boss, the man took scissors and cut off his penis. Together with the testicles. His girlfriend watched in horror as her boyfriend, bleeding profusely, washed off his farm into the toilet. The girl rushed to him, called an ambulance, where he received first aid. When the bleeding stopped and the wounds were sewn up, it turned out that all that was left of the idiot — pathetic 3 inch of flesh. At least to pee else he could do. When the guy woke up, he had no idea what I created.

What is the point of this story? Idiots should not breed. And we went to puke. It’s disgusting!

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