Dura lex: how to cheat the laws of thought

the laws of thoughtWe often have to communicate to others his thought and to convince them of our rightness. To persuade them to do something for us. You may wonder but the scheme, which operates our behavior, defined much more clearly than it might seem. You can compare the behavior with chemical experience: adding to the flask a substance, you can safely say how to proceed the reaction. Giving the person influence one way or another, you can be sure what the reaction will be in response. How to make others dance to your tune?

1. The law of interchange

Every society recognizes this law. It is a cultural standard that obliges us to answer the favor, to give something in response to given us a gift, to pay visits, to invite people to visit, once they call us, etc. Interchange allows you to rely on people in business and in work. To oblige any person is very simple: to do the man a favour, which he never asked.

The strength of the impact depends on you. As a rule, nobody considers the possibility not to answer the favor: it is considered disgusting. You can oblige anyone, even a trifle. Therefore, we can not help alert, when a friend wants to split the bill: it means that she doesn’t want to feel obligated.

The principles of this strategy are obvious, especially in relation to work. First offer to the client expensive option, and when he refuses, offer him a cheaper one that needed him from the beginning. He thinks goes to you for concessions, plus, once he’s already turned you down. Gotcha!

And you can break the rule: when a friend pays you a compliment, do not answer it. It is programmed by the culture that you have to answer the favor, and if you behave differently, you begin to differ from the majority of well known men.

2. Responsibility and perseverance

Consistency is an interesting phenomenon. Its essence is that we want (and society requires us to be constant. Once making a choice or taking a point of view, we will constantly experience the pressure – both internal and external – say, now did not deny. Why we were given constancy? On the one hand, stability. On the other, laziness. Consistency allows us to be lazy and think less about decisions taken once, directing their attention to something new.

How great is the power of constancy? It all depends on the level of responsibility. If you’re committed, it automatically makes you superpotency. The greater your responsibility, the less likely it is that you yourself make. Another point: the harder it was given to you whatever it is, the stronger your attachment, the value achieved is directly proportional to the effort invested. Think about that the next time you are faced with a very available girl.

How to apply this in practice? First, the understanding of the described law allows to assess the degree of obstinacy of the person: whether it is necessary to convince him? Secondly, if you are his arguments convince and persuade to give up something for the sake of a competitive goal, he is less likely to change opinion in the future, because it is not easy dalos this decision.

3. Social approval

The idea is simple: we identify what is right on someone else’s opinion about it. Social approval makes us believe that the more people believe in the correctness of anything, the more it’s true. In other words, the herd instinct. That the peasants, and the monkey. When we see that the decision doesn’t hurt anyone and does not meet with condemnation, we automatically conclude that it’s right. Strange logic that gives wide scope for manipulation. Convinced – citing the majority opinion and then, «what will Princess Maria Alekseevna». Surprisingly, many still do not think his head.

4. Personal sympathy

If the person you like, you are more likely to do what he asked you. A good salesman knows how to please, like a good politician or girl is a Heartbreaker. If someone has something you want, it makes you a compliment. Very often, we behave with girls: make them compliments and praising from all sides, to pay attention to us.

You need to try to fix in the mind of a man positive associations with you he will associate you with your values, good feelings and positive character traits. Achieve this goal, and you will have competitors.

5. Power

We are taught from the cradle to obey authority. We sat down when the teacher told us to sit down, or go home when the lessons ended and we were told: «Go home.» We even went to bed when we pointed out to parents. Obedience to authority is automatic, we do not consider any alternatives, do not allow the possibility of disobedience, not critically evaluate their actions.

How to apply the knowledge in practice? You already know. We all know how important position and clothing. Respect you more when you’re a Professor than when you’re a technician. You need to remember that any clothed with the authority of a person will demand something from you. Analyze their schemes of subordination and critically rethink their behavior with those who have power.

6. The lack of

People will have more motivation if they think that in case of inaction will lose something: it’s strange logic that motivates them more than the thought of possible acquisitions, if successful.

If people have something to take away, they will want to own this stronger than ever. Women works really well: give her something and then take away. She wants even more.

A very important law of human conduct. Useful, as has been said, women are subordinated in the education of children. Politicians often practice the use of this scheme, and it never fails.


Even the vices and a victim of human thinking can be used to your advantage. All that is needed — understanding, common sense and a healthy share of cynicism, but also important for your goal. Sometimes to manipulate not ashamed. It’s a shame when manipulating you.

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