Duk-Duk knife


Knives — their-specific— have more or less every self-respecting folk. Duk-Duk (douk-douk) — knife, named for the Melanesian spirit in some ways the pride of France, even though its more than a simple design: it is utterly banal. The handle is a simple flat spring, which hides the blade on the other side is a sling swivel metal clip for attaching the knife to something.


On the hilt of the Duk-Duk depicts a Melanesian man, like a tree, which is an indicator of quality and at the same time a marking of authenticity. Available Duk-Duk since 1927 and have spread first throughout the French colonies, and then enlisted in the French Foreign Legion. Then the Duk-Duk freely spread around the world. Fans of knives have appreciated its lightness, compactness and high quality. The blade is specially Cernan, on the blade depicts a typical pattern, often the emblem of the «Douk-Douk» and any monogram.

Interesting and a little vintage blade made in France old firm. You can buy it at a price of $ 30, what kind of legend is quite a good price.


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