Dudes, which one to kiss under the chiming clock

manygoodtips.com_30.12.2013_ppYNRaWJ0AV2AIt is considered that the New year is a family holiday — or at least a holiday for couples. All rush around the city in a hurry, looking at the crowded shopping malls of the latest ingredients for a traditional Christmas atmosphere, and then happily kissing under the chiming clock and gently clink glasses with champagne. I did this, so to expose the couple on my part would be hypocritical — I will not. However, I was not born in a pair — I had to celebrate the new year without a friend, what is written in the post about a lonely New year. In any situation, you can find advantages if you look at it from the right angle. If you don’t want to shift and a night to stand with your ass up in the air, looking for the most favorable angle, with which the solitude will seem a little nicer, I understand you. In this case we figured out how to celebrate New year dudes that have no pairs, but which is surrounded by disgustingly happy people who at the moment have a companion. Away we go!

Feel free to sleep

Why torture yourself if the fun doesn’t matter? Sit acidly and play the role of dark spots at the Banquet table — it’s sad. Don’t argue, man, this is not a riot and not a protest, and rampant despair. Want to sleep — go to sleep. If it’s a party with friends, even certain wines: under the guise of you will take the trump bunk, and then let the others live as they want and where they want.


Nothing says your love for fun, as an extra cocktail, while all around are exchanging saliva. All the freaks, I’m normal!

Break the cuddling couple, hugging each other with them

Yes, well, tired. They think it’s bed? It’s not a bed. Have fun at their expense, nothing is funnier than to confuse others.

Look at another lone dude, and together rolling his eyes

You in anyone will find your best witty comment. Can’t have fun in par — have fun at the expense of couples! Who said that you should be embarrassed?


Most likely, you call mom. First, all your friends are busy. Secondly, you can casually insert into the conversation «I love you too, have fun out there» — and perhaps the people around will begin to respect your imaginary long-distance relationship.

Hey, go easy on the champagne

Stay close to the bottle. No one will mind and you will have fun. Well even if champagne is not «Soviet», and some overseas. Care of a headache tomorrow, you only live once! At least feel the holiday.

Get out into the fresh air

Or on a smoke break. When left alone and get what you missed (one oxygen and one nicotine), your head will clear. The time will come for new year’s resolutions myself.

Start the fireworks

These couples are still nerds, they don’t even uncouples, though otherwise their way half will take some sort of whirl. You can even firecrackers to flinch and jump. Fun!

Find fellow sufferer

Probably, in your company you’re not alone. Maybe switch the TV on any more than a normal channel or discuss interesting for both of you theme. Suddenly it’s your potential bro, didn’t you know?

No option not to like?

Then look around, find more or less (even less) attractive girlfriend and take her to another room. Can start to spill wine on it, and then go into the bath with her, to scrub the stain. The perfect option!

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