Dudes that have a prison record and wrote

Any knowledgeable person will tell you that in prison too sad and boring. It always has been, of course, if you don’t beat the recognition of special services or Holy inquisitors did not give you sleep and apply various delicate machines in different areas of sinful flesh. The rest of the time doing absolutely nothing. It’s good even if there is writing talent. Then you can spend time on a favorite work. The benefit of getting into such a situation, begin to think differently, that is, in fact, history proves. How many wonderful creations have been born in the dungeons! And all because the writers – the people violent, vulnerable: say the wrong thing, it will go into opposition, then the money is wasted. That had to do in the room overlooking the trellised sky. Here are just a small part of them, pulled by the hair to bypass the monumental works of Lenin and Boethius.

Oscar Wilde «De profundis»


When in England for homosexuality were sent to prison. Now it is in order. Someone will say: «right, what! They do exactly what they love to do.» Yes, the position is unenviable, but are asked to refrain from accusatory cries of «Cock!» Gentlemen, we’re talking about Oscar Wilde. Remember its sharp pungent prose and I’m sorry. Moreover, during his lifetime he was already punished: 2 years hard labor in reading prison – is not a joke. And since even under the lock soul demanded creativity, Wilde wrote one of the most famous of his works – «Prison confession». In fact, this is one great letter in which he speculates about the high purpose of love and art, denounces the existing foundations of society, which do not allow two loving hearts to be together. It was addressed to the person, in connection with which Wilde and his freedom to Alfred Douglas. In this essay, he analyzes their relationship, plans for the future, although three years later a broken conclusion, Wilde dies.

By the way, Douglas never once not visited by the writer. Not like provocation. And the most sincere work of Wilde was published under the title «De profundis», although most known under its original name «From the depths».

Nikolai Chernyshevsky «What to do?»


Eternal Russian question «what to do?» was bessmerten journalist and writer Nikolai Gavrilovich Chernyshevskii. This legendary book publicist wrote from prison. No, he’s not peddling, not killing people as the legendary painter, Caravaggio. He was an educated customer, revolutionary. And like all true revolutionaries were in prison in the Peter and Paul fortress. For two years. And it got off easy, because the track record of gently hinted at the fact that comrade needed Siberian resorts: he was involved in the organization of a secret society of revolutionaries «Land and freedom», led the public-political magazine «Contemporary», wrote the text of the proclamation «Barsky peasants», which promotes the growth of revolutionary sentiment among the masses. He then sent for 7 years (knock off instead of 14, as a personality he was famous, and influential friends got him a lot), but before that was the hunger and the desperate struggle of Nikolai Gavrilovich for freedom.

Many have called the novel a love story, in the subtext of which is clearly discernible hints of a future revolution. That is why the special Commission, and then the censors read the manuscript of a prisoner, saw in the novel a love line, which allowed N.. Nekrasov to publish the work of Chernyshevsky in the journal «Sovremennik». When the error of the censors were observed, the novel «What to do?» was banned, but it was too late: the work became popular and copied by hand, circulated in intellectual circles.

However, it is written in the dungeons of the book became a cult. So, for example, a certain Vladimir Ulyanov for days he studied the works of Chernyshevsky and thus came to success. Well, Chernyshevsky came over writings: in his honor were called universities, avenues and squares. By the way, Volodya as no one knew what to write in the dungeons. That’s how much he scribbled. Ask the parents, they since the childhood know.

Miguel de Cervantes «the Ingenious Hidalgo don Quixote of La Mancha»


What is still interesting and deeply unhappy was the life of the Patriarch of Spanish literature Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. During his life he learned martial glory, when he discovered extraordinary heroism in the battle of Lepanto (in memory of that battle he received a gunshot wound, which for life obezdil his left hand). He was a prisoner, executed the Royal order, but most of his life was mired in poverty, drowning in debt as frivolous soul could not reasonably dispose of money and build a career. Other people’s money he was also ordered not very and eventually was imprisoned for embezzlement of public funds, which he had to procure supplies for the Spanish fleet – the so-called Invincible Armada, consisting of 130 ships. In prison he spent a short time, but this period marked the beginning of work on the most famous work of Spanish literature that is known as «the Ingenious Hidalgo don Quixote of La Mancha». The first part of the novel came a few years after the rehabilitation of Cervantes and was a huge success at home, making anyone not known 57-year-old writer started his successful career and the world got a charming and absurd literary hero, which, despite attempts, no one has repeated.

Thomas Malory’s «Book of king Arthur and his valiant knights of the Round table»


To write a modern version about king Arthur, Thomas Malory took a few years. But this time it was full! Eight volumes of «the Book of King Arthur and the valiant knights of the round table» were written exactly when they were imprisoned at quite interesting charges. The fact that Malory as a knight participated in the war of the roses. And for the attack on supporters of the Duke of Buckingham and repeated violence against married women imprisoned in the castle of Maxton from where he escaped, crossing the moat. Although there is a version that he died there. About his life very little is known – the dark, XV century.

In conclusion, Malory had access to a rather extensive library, which contained books with Celtic legends, as well as numerous legends and myths about king Arthur. Reworking them, he created his novels-compile, reflecting the mood of its time. It is believed that the basis is mostly French novels, but sir Mallory was able to give them a true British flavor.

A. Henry «the Christmas gift of dick the Whistler»


William Sidney porter had bad luck from birth, mother died when he was 3 years old humorous magazine of cult at the present time the name «Rolling Stone» closed. But worse was to come: parallel A. Henry worked as a teller in a Texas Bank. But it blamed the shortfall against money held, and would-be entrepreneur had for a long time hiding in Honduras and South America. But then, zatoskoval for Home, thinking the police about it, most likely, have forgotten, he returned to the United States, where he was taken under white ruchenki and planted for 3 years and 4 months. Oh, did not know how great writers of the past to handle money. In prison, porter came up with his pseudonym A. Henry, under whom he published his first story «the Christmas gift of dick the Whistler.» There is a version according to which the pseudonym of the writer collected from the letters of the Ohio Penitentiary prison – Ohenry.

Ludwig Wittgenstein «Logical-philosophical treatise»


One of the most influential philosophical works of the twentieth century were written under lock and key. Though not in prison, in captivity. WELL, let’s not pay attention to such a trifle. Trust me, soldiers to the Austrians in captivity of the allies, life was no better than Chernyshevsky in Siberia. In 1917, after the revolution, a philosopher, a mighty logician and analyst was in the same prisoner, where he reworked the notes did while he was a soldier, not a prisoner in a treatise. In General, in fact, in captivity it and finished it. But well done, a true patriot. The fields of the First world volunteered.

Eduard Limonov, «prison» cycle


This sub can simply call «Lemons», because books 4 and call the best of them is quite difficult. This being said, only a matter of taste. His entire prison cycle is a thoughtful essay on the ugliness of reality. By the way, the books were not written during regular arrests restless Edward Veniaminovich, and during the stay of the writer in Lefortovo prison. In captivity, he went in April 2001 and charged with possession of weapons and the creation of illegal armed formations (the charge was later withdrawn), 15 April 2003 sentenced to 4 years imprisonment. And over the years has managed to spawn as many as 4 books, each of which in its is a masterpiece. Emphasize «a prisoner of the dead» – the prison diary of a writer, which is not so much a story about the morals of the Lefortovo fortress much full of passionate debate and bold observations of the review to the current state of Russian society.

It is impossible to ignore «My political biography», «Russian psycho» and a collection of essays written in captivity under the eloquent title «Control shot», where the Lemons effectively trolls the masses and pours streams of hate literally everything – from Russian writers, world cinema, to the Railways, grandmothers and the entire country. Sorry, but now the book is outdated.

The only thing that will prevent you to rate a book on a dignity – a rabid patriotism and dripping a stinking stream of each line of the ego of the writer. Very much he loves himself.

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