Dudes girls prefer not to meet

Dudes girls prefer not to meet


Many girls have pretty specific standards guys, they walk, choosing a man. Weird, huh? We have exactly the same ridiculous at first glance, the standards we adhere to when choosing girls. But today we have the results of numerous surveys, as a result of communication with people on forums and reading many discussions and women’s blogs have discovered traits and habits of boys that girls prefer to avoid. So here’s our list with small explanations. Your comments, as always, we are waiting for in the comments.

1. Dude in baggy shorts, baggy shirts and other clothing, which looks at them stupid

Girls do not like untidy people who do not know how they need to dress to impress. Girls prefer to watch wide: «how will I look with him among friends», «I’ll tell my mom about this incompetent slut?» But personally, I can remember two of his friends who didn’t care about the baggy sweaters and dirty t-shirts. All the matter in personal charm and in fact, what you people, but I agree that the clothes still meet, especially if we are talking about a first date.

2. Nerd who squander a good portion of their budget to online games

Remember our article about online games? In General, if the girl herself does not play online games, it is extremely bad to them. When you are over 18 and you play online games, girls think it’s an indication that you didn’t grow up, you infantile personality, which cannot be trusted and instead buy her a Teddy, you’re going to spend money on monthly subscription to another game. The average girl who has never played an online game, and from a computer just the Sims and Heroes 3, said computer games not serious occupation, this behavior is generally typical of people who are not familiar with the intricacies of any business. For the inexperienced, any avant-garde art — daub, because he didn’t see anything but a Kazimir Malevich, and represents all work in the same style. For the inexperienced and comics — pictures of superheroes. Alas, dude. But this only works if you spend for games more than four hours a day, and the girl herself also not a gamer.

3. Following her growth

According to the results of numerous surveys, 90% of girls like guys higher than their growth. Large percentage like tall guys, that is, above 175 cm, and the rest of the number — just the guys that are higher than their growth. Even tall girls (above 178 centimeters) expressed a desire to Muchacho was above them at least 5 centimeters. The reason is that the guy needs to look convincing with him and girls want to feel safe. However, dude, you still have the chance to meet girls who don’t care. Them about 10 percent. Well, they love the high!

4. Voted for Putin

It’s funny, right? I read this on some forum, can’t now find in the rubble of history. Girls, too, for policy. But there is not enough, because now somehow became still! Alas!

5. With long hair

Normal, not informal girls EXTREMELY negative attitude towards guys with long hair. Remnants of the past, alas! «I don’t like guys with hair longer than me. looking for one girl, you can curl your hair, straighten it, and my no!» And Yes, fellow people, not everyone of you have long hair! I’m on my time with the students can remember two dudes, whose long hair was done nicer and more solid. That beard almost all colors!

6. Keep the house snake

Because it stsykotno, man!

7. Goes on lower machines

Yesterday I saw on the streets of my city an interesting picture: the car of the domestic automobile industry, lowered, covered in gold — not yellow, and that the gold paint from the wheels is flowing neon light, which is now sort is prohibited, and the machine itself is surrounded by a squall so loud music that seems to be the eardrums of its owner broke off somewhere in the beginning. I also think that it’s not cool.

8. Decorate the walls of his house with posters of naked girls

All the girls know we love to look at pictures of naked women. But we don’t decorate their room, we do it with your favorite computer. This girls is considered acceptable. Posters with naked women is appropriate in the barracks and on the walls of those who no one gives because of the appearance or the person no one gives because they are too small.

9. Drink colored or pink drinks

Drinks for girls or Apple Martini in understanding not only the girls, the drinks, lack of rigor. And do not care about such narrow-minded people that these drinks are really delicious. By the way, where is the line between female and male cocktails?

10. Don’t like or drink beer

Beer is traditionally considered a masculine drink. Varieties of beer many, you can find beer at its discretion, but if you don’t like beer, as I recently learned, and not love him under the pretext that it is a drink for the cattle, the girls you’re not much like it. And me! Fu to be so!

11. Offended by any jokes in his address

I remember I had a friend who did not understand jokes and carry on about any jokes in his address. Even the most innocuous. «I can’t take a joke and joke with me!» — said this frail man whose legs were thinner than my arms. Girls love guys with a sense of humor, I’ve met quite a few dudes whose appearance was not such as Alain Delon, but a sense of humor and charisma helped them to obtain just gorgeous women! Dude, without a sense of humor and irony on yourself — these boys are a pain in the ass, then I girls in solidarity.

12. Chews with his mouth open

OH-OH-OH! How many girls unanimously agreed that it annoys them! It pisses me off to look at a person and see how the food is crushed in an open mouth mixes with saliva and begins to be processed. Not the most pleasant thing. And this applies exactly in the habit of chewing with his mouth open, but did not speak during the meal, to the last not so many girls is negative.

13. Rude to waiters

I try never to be rude to waiters, because most of them are students who, most likely, not enough sleep and trying to collect his clothes, the session and other ništâki. I know I was. But I hate it when some lout starts to wash the brains of these subordinates people because they just brought coffee before meals, not after! If brought the wrong order or food that floats hair, you can call the person and ask them to exchange the order, but no need to yell at someone, insult him and use their special position. Don’t like this and girls that, I agree that it is logical.

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