Dudes and biglip: whom you meet on life’s journey

manygoodtips.com_30.12.2013_xjkWPaUB78jCYIt’s time to think about life’s vacation to do nothing special … teoretiziruya and invent a new classification for all the free food and sleep time. To these we now turn. Think, for example, about dudes who you will meet in this life before I turned thirty. Thirty carriage turn into a pumpkin, and you — the family man, a confirmed bachelor or an ingrained hippare. Until then, you can see them on every step:

1. Eternal student

He is always studying and never progressing beyond the second or third course. You wonder how he is not boring to chew the same granite of science, but from different ends. The fifth course author pretty tired of academic education, and he was extremely pleased to finally get a piece of paper to its successful completion. Our hero is not one of them.

In this way, he seems committed to stop time, thinking that being in the same social status, will cease to grow old. And he doesn’t stop. As a result, we see before us is not forever a young dude, and aging was Infante, which I am ashamed to admit that he was afraid of life. During this time he tried to study all the world: and chemistry, and biology and history, medicine, and journalism, and the economy, and even wanted to become a lawyer — all have failed on the first or second session. Why? Because studies need him as cover for his tremble before the responsibility of ass.

Even if he managed to finish the required number of courses, he periodically visits to our faculty, hang out with the students on Tatiana’s day and the dedication, everybody knows him, everybody first happy hanging out with James, and then you realize its futility and cease to be respected.

2. Party monster

While all of his friends gradually acquire life and one by one get married, this dude has a serious and stable relationship with alcohol. He hangs out with no breaks for food, sleep, weekends and holidays, it is always in someone’s company, always laughing across the room and drinking heartily. The weird thing was, looking at him, you feel younger — even as it is Vice versa. It activates in you the understanding: the time is coming and it’s time to grow up, because you don’t have time to get drunk rejuvenating apples.

3. Adult

One day you will become like him, but not now. While you still have the strength to resist. This dude has matured and shows all around example of how to live. He starts the morning with melt water with lemon, evaluates the percentage of fat in all foods, which buys, regularly goes to the gym, falls in time, poses to itself-do lists every weekend having lunch with their parents and can not remember when the last time you played computer games. He has a good and promising profession: lawyer, economist, Manager of something there, or some kind of administrative work. If you know your parents, they always put it in an example: look, they say, and learn. Mind you realize that he is doing everything right, but one glance at him makes you sick. Irrational, but true.

4. Hipster

He is interested in any kind of art, whatever that means. Something photographs, films, draws, writes or plays — it turns out in most cases, mediocre or even qualitatively, soundly — but no more. You wonder how he gets in those tight pants, although I wear quite a narrow — but his jeans just phenomenally narrow. It works usually in a strange place — you had no idea that you can get money for it. The usher in the gallery of modern art or the cinema showing art house movies. The assistant photographer. Illustrator-freelancer — as they thought of all this? You are certainly not burning with love to the previous serious boyfriend, but it seems like the schemer of clean water.

5. Pikaper

I wanted to write «pseudo-pick up artist», but decided that they by definition already a «mountain». A good life a charge not made. He always tries to be dressed in cardigans of all sorts and shirts in pastel shades. This type tells all the girls he sees, but it is worth it to turn away, they make faces and twist a finger to his temple. None of his strategy never works, but he still did not lose faith. Sometimes he carries with ladies much older than him because they see him as some kind of «flavor». In my opinion, this feature persists in his pants.

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