Dude won in casino 33 million. Of course, it’s not fair


Everyone was once a pipe dream to Rob a casino. Of course, few people managed to bring it to life. But this dude sure can passion how to be happy: now he’s twenty years you can not work.

The Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia, became the object of close surveillance of these tough guys. Scammers in the best tradition of American films such as «11 friends of Oushena» hacked into the security system of the casino and connected to the high definition cameras of the hall, where games were played. This helped them to observe the actions of the players and the dealer. Dude, who’s responsible for the fact that the casino has lost such a huge amount, released. The man-a foreigner, who played in the VIP area, got information about the cards of other players from the cameras. But this is not accurate. The investigation continues.

The dude that played and won 33 million dollars, banned from playing for life.

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