Dude really ate a lot


Winnie the Pooh did not come out from the house Rabbit because he ate too much. This guy seems to have the same problem. Only thing at McDonald’s. And it all started with a happy meal.

Last week in Cork, in Ireland, in one of the many restaurants McDonald’s one pretty big boy managed to firmly stuck in a highchair. He went to eat before work in the half-empty restaurant, where there were several cops who were drinking coffee in the morning. The guy ordered a meal and a large coke, and then decided to sit on the highchair. No idea why he decided to do it, maybe he had long dreamed of? In any case, the guy did it, had Breakfast and was about to leave, but, alas, all is not so simple: the man firmly stuck in the grey chair. The guy helped three police officers who had just finished his Breakfast.

He the Irishman has managed to become the hero of the Internet: a photo of him stuck in the chair, was like thousands and thousands of people.

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